Dear Sir's,

Request your guidance and help.

I worked as Senior Manager in International Business department, and was very doing very good in job with utmost responsibility and accountability. I have traveled and stayed in various parts of Asian countries and African countries for months at a stretch. And successfully closed many multi-million dollar deals having multi year contracts.

During these trips, I was always within the frame work of HR per diem policy towards international trips, and i had submitted all the bills in original to the company. And for client entertainment at senior levels like SVPs, EVP's level clients, I incurred 400,000 INR towards liqor bill during those extended trips of more than 3 months and all i paid from by using my own credit card. And after winning the business deals, I submitted the bills to the company and my direct senior the head of the department had an argument with me, and he refused to clear the bills,

And due to the mental harassment, done by the senior department head, I resigned during my overseas trip and i properly served the notice period of 2 months and I had Prevledge leave of 52 days. And my departmental head instructed the HR and Finance team to deduct the 400,000 INR bills i submitted to deduct from my full and final settlement. But the fact is that though I submitted the bills, but the entire bills of 400,000 were done by my personal credit card. And top to it, the HR emailed me that there is a recovery of INR 75,000 that i owe to the company after the deduction of 4 lacs.

I asked the HR and finance for the clarification on same, why a recovery and how they can deduct the money that i paid from my credit card. Even i escalated the matter to the CEO of the company, but i got a double standard reply.

Now, they are not giving me the relieving letter and threatening me about legal consequences. In addition, to this, the same depatmental head is defaming my name amongst the existing partners of the company. When i raised objection of such unfair and unethical practices, no one got any answer. The HR and Finance team is putting on email to sort out the matter and get clarification from the departmental head.

Request your help, as its my hard earned money of 2 months, and i am the sole bread earner for my family, and because of some personal reasons, the ex-company senior is just dictating unethical. I have all the documentary evidences, still i am asking them for releasing my money. I need suggestion, shall i hire a lawyer, who can help me because I cannot focus myself on the new job because of this mental harassment, and I am too much stressed and depressed.

Awaiting for your guidance and inputs. I reside in Navi Mumbai- Maharashtra.

Thank you.

From India, Mumbai

Some simple questions I have for you which could help us understand the scenario better and possible guide you better.

--- On what basis did you spend 400,000 on Liquor especially since that would not have been part of any normal policy. Did you have a prior approval from your manager that you are authorized to spend on liquor and what was the ceiling ( upper limit allowed). No manager gives a blank, no upper limit blanket permission

--- Do you realize that as per you, you spent approximately $80 every day ( for a period of 3 months)? WOW !!! That's a lot of money to spend on drinks abroad.

--- Why did you wait for the business deals to be successfully acquired before submitting your bills? FYI - expense bills are not related to the success of the trip. They are incurred irrespective of the result of the efforts.

If you ask me honestly, there seems to be huge disconnects in this scenario you have just shared. Maybe the picture will become clearer after these answers.


Navneet Chandra

From India, Delhi
I started working in a reputed courier company but after the training period I did not feel like working because the job profile was totally different what was said to me during an interview. I gave my resignation they have accepted it and waived my notice period as I was in training period. Area manager said I will get my 13days salary after 45 days. It's been more than 3 months I have not got my salary. I have spoken with them but they are giving excuses. Can you please guide me what I have to do next. Can I appply in labour law directly. Please help.

From India, Mumbai
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