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Questions About School

* Why did you choose your major?

* Which classes did you like the most/least?

* Why did you select your college? How have you liked it?

* Has your college experience prepared you for a career?

* Describe your most rewarding college experience.

* Describe your most significant college accomplishment.

* If you could do it over, how would you plan your education differently?

* What teaching styles do you react best to?

* Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

* Do you plan to go to graduate school?

* Are your grades a good indicator of your potential?

* What have you learned from your extracurricular activities?

* Tell me about one of the papers you wrote while in school.

* Describe a successful team experience.

* Describe an unsuccessful team experience. How did you handle it?

* What role did you play on the team?

Questions About candidate

* Tell me about yourself. Or, how would you describe yourself?

* What are three adjectives that describe you?

* What are your strengths and weaknesses?

* Why should we hire you? Why would you be right for the job?

* Why are you qualified for this position?

* How did you choose this career direction?

* What would your last boss/coworkers/references say about you?

* How would one of your friends describe you?

* What motivates you to work hard?

* What does success mean to you?

* What are you most proud of?

* What kind of environment do you work best in?

* How do you handle pressure?

* What's important to you in a job?

* Do you have a geographical preference? Would you relocate or travel?

* Would you be willing to work overtime?

* Describe a major obstacle you've encountered? How did you overcome it?

* What have you learned from mistakes you've made?

* What are your biggest accomplishments in the last two years?

* What to you see yourself doing in five years from now? Ten? Fifteen?

* What do you really want out of life?

* What would you do if you won the lottery?

* Who's your hero?

* What else should I know about you?

Questions About Experience

* Tell me about your jobs/internships.

* What kind of computer experience do you have?

* Tell me about a time when you were given bad information. How did you handle it?

* Did you ever have a problem with a supervisor/co-worker? How did you handle it?

* What was the toughest job challenge you faced and how did you deal with it?

* What was your biggest accomplishment in the workplace?

Questions To See If candidate Knows What he's Getting Into

* What do you know about this organization?

* What do you think it takes to be successful in this organization?

* Why do you want to work for us?

* Why do you want to work in this industry?

* What do you look for in a job?

* How can you make a contribution to our organization?

* Where do you think this industry is headed?

Questions to candidate may ask at the end of the interview

* history, size, and growth

* current events that affect the company

* profitability, products, and services

* financial history and current status

* organizational structure and its key management

* company philosophy and culture

* recent changes in company structure

* changes in product or service lines

* geographic area job trends

* and the type of position you are applying for

Candidates can ask questions About The Job

* Where does this position fit into the structure of the department and the organization as a whole?

* What are the future plans for this department?

* How much contact is there between departments or areas (if a large organization)?

* To whom would I report?

* What percentage of my time would be spent in the various functions you described that this job involves?

* Is it organizational policy to promote from within?

* What is a typical career path for people in this position?

* Why is this position available?

* What personal qualities make someone successful in this job?

* What functions would I be performing on a typical day?

* How is performance evaluated?

Questions candidates ask after an offer has been extended

Questions About the Benefits

* What kind of insurance policies do you offer?

* How much vacation time would I receive in the first year, second year, etc...?

* Do you pay for overtime?

* Do you pay for continuing education?

* Do you provide programs for working mothers?

* What is the salary? Bonuses, etc...

* Do you pay for review courses and test materials for professional examinations?

Questions About the Workplace

* Can I take a tour of the workplace?

* May I contact current or previous employees?

* What kind of computer programs do you use?

* What is a typical work day?

* How soon will I be working in ______ ? (Where _____ is a specific area of your interest.)

* Can I meet different levels of staff in the area I'll be working in?

* How much time does it typically take to get promoted?

* Do you provide transfers to other geographical areas (in a big company)?

* How much travel will I be expected to do?

* How much overtime is typical for this job?

From India, Gurgaon
Saba Shaikh
Hello All,
I am a student, I am doing my HRM project on Interviews, Can anybody help me the following topics-
Purpose & Introduction, Types, Do's and Dont's, process of interviewing,, Interviews for varios levels of managemtn, and different types of test used.

From India, Mumbai
Rajat Joshi

Hi Saba,
You would get a lot information from the following links-
Hey can we suggest one if you come across something interesting or where you have a doubt ..please put up the query here.
Also if you share your project summary - it would be great for all of us!!

From India, Pune
Saba Shaikh
thanks Rajat,
the sitre which you sugested what very useful. N this project on interview which v r doing is a group project so I will try to send u the summary or the project as whole if any one needs it.

From India, Mumbai
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