An employee has the knowledge and experience, knows the processes and systems very well. However, the employee is not performing, making mistakes that are avoidable. When feedback is given on the performance, the employee accepts the mistakes, is aware of the impact on the project the mistakes cause but does not work to improve the mistakes and performance.

We tried everything, counseling, to talking to the employee to find out if there are personal and/or other factors that are resulting in nonperformance at work. The employee is very cheerful and gets along very well with the team. Very chatty and talks a mile a minute at every given opportunity. also tends to waste time which should have been used effectively to meet project deadlines. Socially very active, but when it comes to work, the employee does not seem to take project deadlines, accuracy of tasks, and releases very seriously.

The Project Lead is extremely frustrated and wants to chuck the resource out of his team. That would be the last step. I am refraining from taking such an action cuz, the employee is very committed, has knowledge, experience but what the employee lacks is focusing.

Friends, I would welcome your suggestions to handle this particular employee.

From India, Pune
Hr Manager
P Ramachandran
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Santosh Iyer

Ms. Richa,
First of all, thanks for sharing such a situation in this forum.
Quite possible that I may be wrong, but, what I have experienced many of the times, is that if a person say is the character of your mentioned employee, people don't take him seriously. I still remember when Cricketer Ajay Jadeja used to play, he used to enjoy the game, but, people watching him on the television would say that he doesn't play seriously & he's just doing time pass. Any other good player could have been accomodated. Even when he gets a 40 odd runs during the slog overs, people say that he just threw his bat & it went to the boundaries etc.
Due to this type of attitude of the people, the person many of the times doesn't want to perform, eventhough, he has the capabilities, because he would never be appreciated/rewarded for it.

From India, Pune

To my understanding, this employee is well versed with competence (Knowledge +Skill) but he is lacking in competency (behaviour). Attitude towards the job is more important than experience and knowledge to perfor where in this case he has been provided with chances to change which has never happened.

The ultimate of any job is perfection rather completion. Both skill and knowledge can be trained to the level of expectation but the behaviour of any individual is a birth sign which is hard to change (Nothing is impossible).

Lets answer some q?

1. Why the company recruited the employee for that specific position?

2. Performance & Attitude towards comp. future?

3. Why the company need him?

Still if the Orgn is interested on the individual then this can be taken under special and some ground work has to be taken place.

1. His personal life and behaviuor

2. An enquiry with his peer, collegue on his work attitude

3. Where he is lacking and why?

4. Whether all is expectations towards company has been fulfilled?

5. Relationship between his immidiate boss and peer?

6. Whether his behavoiur suits with his boss?

when we come to meet the answers for some of the above surely lot more ques will be raised as a chain to the existing.

I am not an expert in this profession but i just tried this case as a employee rather HR!!!



From India, Madras
Rahul Patankar
I think company should try and make analysis of his behaviour , is the person always like that or is it that it just recently doing so or neglecting work, when he is accepting his mistake but what the reson behind it not to improve the same.
what is he expecting from company or his collegueas or his immediate boss or higher authority. may be a personal issue which he is not sharing.
he has behaviouoral problem , i think he should be given a try but also warned or may be suspended for some days which will make him be more careful towards job.

From India, Mumbai

Hi ,
In this case the agents needs proper motivation According to my experience agents can be motivated in 3 ways .
First- Money money money.
second -stick
We can call it carrot and stick policy.
however what works more is emotional motivation by his immediate superior.
if all the three doesn't work the last resort is you need to hurt the ego of the person and the extent has to be decided by the discreation of his superior who knows him well.
If he dosen't improve then as well its time to show him the door

From India, Delhi
I can say is there is no appreciation for the work form his immediate manager which results in lack of interest due to no appreciation for any work done by him.


I assume for the characteristics stated by you about the employee, that he is very active person,basically this kind of people are intelligent and experts in their work, but they are always associated with one common negative point which is lack of concentration,this kind of people are aware of the mistake,but are unable to rectify the same,because they understand the mistake but cant recognize the same when they repeat it again.
The best way to rectify the employee and help him perform his best would be, by helping him not only to understand his mistakes,but also recognize them when he repeats the mistakes and also a way as to how to over come the same
Thank you

From India, Mumbai
The employee in 'question' needs to be analysed on certain issues..

1. How long has he been working for in the organization?

2. Is his behaviour a recent change? If so, is it the latest performance appraisal, change in management, promotion of peers..etc causing it?

3. How are his relations with his immediate supervisors/team leaders?

4. is there an open communication system in the organization?

Given that all seems fair and the organization is not to be blamed for it....then there are other aspects to consider...

a. The employee maybe demotivated with the reward based system of the company on reaching project deadlines.

b. Job security maybe an issue. The employee is 'too secure' with his job and has taken it for granted that knowledge is enough to keep ones job secure.

The Organization may consider implementing the the foolowing:

1. Reconsider and if necessary, revise the Reward based system. this may not only motivate the employee in question but may also awaken other potential employees.

2. Introduce and conduct Stay Interviews where motivation, career goals and improvement areas of the employees are recorded as stated by the employees themselves.

3. If nothing else works, let the employee be warned that he may lose his precious job if the next deadline is not met. A higher ranking official in the organization would be more effective in communicating this message than his immediate supervisor. Set a may work..

Thanks and regards,


From India, Delhi

In this case, you should arrange one-to-one connection with the employee as to ask him the root cause which failed him to commit to the deadline.
For the company, the behavior at work is the first priority leading to the good performance. He should be known for that. Then, you assign him a task with clear cut performance criteria is enough to evaluate his behaviour. This is also a last chance for him to work for the company. If you are reluctant in dealing with him definitively, you will risk the spirit of team work and project progression.
Hoping that it will help you in certain extent.

From Vietnam, Hai Phong


well well,,

here it goes from your paragraph it is assumed that the employee has excellent knowledge of processes and systems and was performing well and recently his performance has come down and is making mistakes.

This was accepted by the employee too. Now you are thinking as to what has happened with the employee as to reduce his performance and he is now making mistakes.

Your counselling will not work , bcoz if employee is having some personal problem which is hampering his work, he will not tell u real reason, because you are just HR , you are neither his mother, wife, sister, nor any relative, so better keep your counselling as short as possible and not to further aggravate the situation. Better leave the employee alone for some time and observe, give the employee some time, if the problem gets solved by itself its good, dont get to the root cause now itself, it will put bad image of u.

Other thing is he might be deliberately doing this so as to get releived soon,

or he really might be in some serious personal trouble which he cannot share with u who is an outsider, and can neither help in his personal matter.

u have to conduct many trial and errors to determine root cause which will give u an idea of how to proceed.

because only u can personally interact with employee rest we others can only advise, so dont act directly on any advice given by members, it might spoil an employees career,, so take decision carefully.

From India, Pune

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