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Let me be honest with you all. I am not into HR or Admin. I am an IT professional with 12 years of industry experience.

If you take a look at HR and Admin departments of all major and known IT firms. One thing common among them is, HR and Admin dept 's state of affair is real bad. We all know what these depts do whole day.

If we want to understand the problem, we have to go to its roots. Root cause is the way people are hired for these two departments.

Management people in any organization keep an eye on vacant positions in these two departments. These two departments are filled with the people who are directly or indirectly have some relationship with the management of the company. These people can not get job else where. I am not talking about VP HR or VP Admin. I am talking about the people who work under them.

Most of the managers of Admin and HR depts are always underpressure to hire the relatives of the management.

All such hired people, do not have any fear or responsibility factor there. You request them for anything, they will take ages to come back to you. You send them reminders, they will ignore. You open escallations, they dont care. Belive me these people are enough powerful to spoil anyone's career. They are in company to serve people. These people think opposite, they are in a company to get served first and other things can be looked at later. You dont require a big techie guy to be in these two departments. I never saw these two department people using any skill which comes from a specialization. VP and Manager levels are exceptions, I agree with that. These two departments are majorly responsible for the time duration one would like to work in any orgnization.

Ever wondered, why you get bad food in your canteen? There are complaints about food supplier. But nothing changes!!!!

Let me ask a question to HR folks first, Honestly tell us, when was it last, you took employee feedback? I am yet to meet a HR or Admin professional who has integrity and honesty intact.

Next post is, how the hiring is done by these folks for company postions. Admin folks I have thoughts for you as well. But please rest for sometime. First focus is HR.

Seniors, Your thoughts are most welcome. I want to discuss various other issues as well.

Part two has been posted:

From India, Ghaziabad
that is true all HR are corrupt and they are like the govt servants, in pvt organisations, all do harass, hurt, spoil others for their benefit.
Even i have not seen a honest HR till now...
and the HR ppl will not accept this truth, they will write some crap justifying their existence and bad work..

From India, Pune
I really want to discover human side of HR. Please let us know about your views. Did I ask very difficult questions?
From India, Ghaziabad
HI All,
I am sorry to tell you guys, as you may have more experience than me, but let me confirm you one thing that addressing "All HR" is bad, because if you are working as an IT professional, then who hired you?, who offered you the package?, who negotiated for that? and more over who will care if you really have any issued or concerns with your peer or with your superior. HR stands for Human Resourses and will be taking care of all the Human beings in an organisation including you, you may point him with problem in the food, but HR department have to consider all the employees and take necessary decision and there are many other things to be considered. So the point is not all the HR people have negligence. If at all we have to point out any thing in you guys, we have whole lot things to be complained!!!!

From India, Hyderabad
I get it from the gurus here. What you fear from answering the general people. A gentle man posted on here that HR is not all bad. Basic question remains there, preachers of truth are liars themselves. HR all talks crap about motivation, ethics, this good that good. If you look at the actions on the ground, everything seems reverse.
It is apathy, that guys post on other posts, are not ready for a healthy discussion on the problems with HR depts. Nobody wants to touch morality issues.

From India, Ghaziabad
Well I am also working in HR in a software company, I have only 3yrs of experience in this field and what I experienced in my company is

when HR don’t conduct any training session or motivational activities or other required activities for the employees they complain against it that HR is not conducting this Hr is not doing that, but when we organize such activities most of the employees doesn’t attend it saying its very boring.

When HR formulate and implement some policies related to business ethics and company rules and regulation employees are not ready to follow and when HR doesn’t implement any rule and regulation in the company employees complain that they are very confused & are in great mess without proper policies.

When HR doesn’t not consider resumes/CVs send by employees of their relatives and friends (because they are not upto the standard of required job) they go to senior authorities to complaint against it, if the person is having 12-15 yrs of experience being very seniors HR has to consider the resume of his/her relative/friends. And if HR does consider these resume and hire these relatives and friends of senior employees a few people said that HR doesn’t know how to hire right candidates.

Now I have one question if the employees themselves want training session or other activities or proper policies or want to see their relatives/friends (whom they themselves know that he/she is not upto the standard of job) then why they have such issues/complaints against HR?????

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. India_rebel
Im completely against you not because im an HR person, but as a professtional, You cannot judge every thing on your own specifying the department names, as you said "We all know what these depts do whole day" Pls let us all know what you know............

From India, Hyderabad
Before passing any comments a person should keep in mind that world is very vast & it has got thousands of uniquenesses within it. should be metured while passing comments on a group of people.
with your limited experience within a limited companies you can't judge the group.
There are many good companies HR is really contributing to the mps & business.

From India, Mumbai
almost all of HR professionals avoided basic question, when was it last, you took employee feedback?
Ok do a quick check in your organization, how many persons really trust you.
Results would be eye opener. Did you help creating an environement where people love to work or you created a company people lament after joining the company.

From India, Ghaziabad
I R,
I think you are being unfair to generalise the way that you have here. I personally have had very bad experience from IT guys, but I don't say that they are all untrustworthy or bad because they have let me down and cost me money. HR often do a very difficult job, under very trying circumstances. These circumstances are not always apparent to those on the outside due to confidentiality issues.
Also, these days HR is a little bit of a misnomer. The role has changed and is more of one about business protection and survival. This is important to most employees.
I will empathise with your thoughts that no professional HR people are responding to your observations. I am not in HR anymore, but would have thought that there would be a far more vigorous defence raised.
Perhaps a few more detailed points might raise the game?

From United Kingdom, Glasgow

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