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Thread Started by #ckm_kvd

I have one query that i hv worked in one organization past 13 years
due to my personal problem i left the serivce. till date my pf cutting from my salary. have some amt in my pf a/c.
Now i need to withdraw the total amount from pf a/c.
but i my pension should not be disturbed and suppose i join in some other
industry then my same pf a/c shall continue.
pl guide regards this. or contact no
my near office linked with Hubli office in kartanaka state.
31st March 2008 From India, Bangalore
Since you have 13 years service you can not withdraw the Pension Fund amount (8.33% of contribution of employer) But you can get a Scheme Certificate which would benefit you in getting a continuous service when you join another establishment. There are two alternatives;
1. to withdraw the Provident Fund by applying in form 19 and appying for scheme certifcate in form 10 C (since you cannot avail withdrawl benefit of Pension)
2. Alternatively, you can transfer your entire account- both PF and Pension- to new account on joining a new establishment where EPF exists by applying in form 13.
14th May 2008 From India, Kannur
Since the service of you is 13 years, it is advisable to transfer all your funds to the present company's pf account.
In case you want to withdraw, you can withdraw the pf amount and obtain scheme certificate and in case you avail some other job later, you can contribute pf and obtain scheme certificate on quitting that employment.
On completion of 50 or 58th year of age, you can avail pension by producing both the scheme certificates
14th May 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Mr Ram It is better to transfer your PF account if you wish to join some other company. Regards MANOKAVIN
14th May 2008 From India, Coimbatore
There cannot be so many numbers of Scheme certificate. Scheme certificate obtained while leaving an establishment should be surrendered to the EPF Organisation through the present employer. While leaving that employment, again he has to apply in form 10 C and get a scheme certificate which will show the cumulative service. This practice shall be followed.
15th May 2008 From India, Kannur
Hi friends. I am Madhuri. I have recently joined as HR executive. I have a doubt about the Scheme Certificate in PF. Pls help me out. Regards, madhuri
28th January 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Madhuri, your post does not say anything about what is your doubt about scheme certificate.

Scheme certificate is a certificate issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Ministry of Labour, Government of India stating therein the details of service of the PF member, ie, the holder of the certificate, along with details of family members who are eligible to get provident fund pension in case of death of the member/holder. It is issued on request by the PF member in form 10 C who desires to get it instead of withdrawal of the pension fund contribution when he leaves an establishment without attaining a service of not more than nine years and six months. In other words, an employee who leaves an establishment before completing the eligible pensionable service of ten years (nine years and six months shall be deemed to be ten years for this purpose) may have two options, ie, either to withdraw the pension fund contribution made by the employer @ 8.33% of eligible salary or to get a certificate, called the Scheme Certificate, which enables him to add the service to any further PF service he may have in future. Therefore, when he joins another establishment to which EPF applies, he can surrender the scheme certificate through the new employer and by doing so his past service will be added to the new service and his pensionable service would be cumulated.

Scheme Certificate is also an authentic record of service.


30th January 2010 From India, Kannur
Dear Madhu.T.K ,
Thanks for your clear note on SCHEME CERTIFICATE , pls guide on below ,
i with drawn my PF Part alone from previous employer but not with drawn pension part,,, where i worked there for 2 years can i transfer pension amount to new employer can i get scheme certificate , is it possible to get scheme certificate with out completeing 10 yrs ............ pls revert
2nd April 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Mohan,
If you have withdrawn only PF amount, then you can apply in Form 10 C in which you can mention that you are willing to take scheme certificate as against withdrawal benefits. The scheme certificate can be surrendered to the present employer whereby you will get the past service for pension benefits.
6th April 2010 From India, Kannur
Dear Madhu.T.K ,
THANX FOR REPLY ,pls clarify below questions ,
In case if any body not completed 6 months does he can get submit form 10 c for scheme certificate ? .
Does employer will provide scheme Certificate or RPFC .....
if i have completed 10 yrs of service , shall i get pension amount from RPFC with out completing the age of 58 yrs ?
If i served for 10 yrs of service & submitting schme certificate for pension , upto what age does i get pension ........
Thanx in advance ,
14th April 2010 From India, Madras
If you have not completed six months of service, you can not get scheme certificate because service in scheme certificate is always rounded to one year.
Scheme certificate is issued by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation and not by the employer.
If you have 10 years of service, you will be eligible to get REDUCED pension on attaining the age of 50 years.
One you get pension, it will be available till death of the member. Subsequently the spouse of the member will start getting the family pension. This will be available till his/ her remarriage. Children (two children at a time) will also get pension upto the age of 25 years. In case of daughters pension will be payable till her marriage. In case of handicapped children no age limit is there.
14th April 2010 From India, Kannur
I have applied for EPF claim and i have received the claim only for form 19 and scheme certificate has been posted. If i want claim the scheme certificate what will be proceedure i have to follow. Because scheme certificate is only for one year service, please suggest me how to get claimed by scheme certificate.
14th August 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hai, can any body suggest me on schme certificate, may doube is. is there any procedure to get scheme certificate through online
21st December 2012 From India, Chennai
My PF transfer to the new account has happened successfully. However, I am not sure if my EPS has been transferred to the new account or not.
If I look at online, I only get to see EPS details of my current employer. I had worked for 14 years with my previous employer.
When I registered for the grievance with EPFO, I got the following answer.
"Since there is no prevision to view the EPS amount in the website, service particulars only are taken into account in case of EPS transfer. Hence EPS amount is not reflected."
I am currently clueless about my EPS amount.
Appreciate your help!
Thanks, Pradeep
20th December 2014 From India, Bangalore
I had completed 71/2 years in past employer and 7 years in present employer.
while checking the portal of PF, i have observed that the portion of pension has not been transferred.
I have been told to get scheme certificate to add the service in present account.
based on that, i had sent form 10c to past employer & what is the benifit if i will get scheme certificate.
please advise.
6th February 2015 From India, Kollam
Nobody can advise other than what is commented by the EPFO while rejecting the application for withdrawal. If the rule says that you cannot withdraw it once you become eligible for monthly pension, how can you withdraw it?
9th March 2015 From India, Kannur
Dear Sir
I worked in concern for a period 13years. I got the PF amount and the Scheme Certificate also.
Now I need money urgently to an operation for my mother. Is it possible to cancel the Scheme Certificate and get back the money( no need of pension after 50 or 58 years).
Please explain on this.
A. Regis
13th April 2015 From India, Tiruchi
HI ,
I have a one doubt regarding pension fund withdraw.
I completed 58 years and i resigned . Now i want to withdraw my pension fund . What is the procedure and how can i get this amount as a monthly payment or lump sum amount . Pls clarify .
Gvr Suresh
13th April 2015 From India, Hyderabad
If you have Pension qualifying service of 10 years (9 years and more than six months) you can send form 10D for claiming monthly pension and start getting pension. Madhu.T.K
16th April 2015 From India, Kannur
Hi, I v left my 1st Company after 2 years n second company after 4 years, withdrawal d PF of 1st company, but I v not withdrawl d pension amt thinking that I m not eligible as I didn't completed 10 yrs, but I v not withdrawl d PF of my 2nd company, nw I want to withdraw my PF n Pension of 2nd cmpny n Pension of 1st company, plz suggest, am I eligible fr d pension amount of both d companies.
27th November 2015 From India, Mumbai
This is a professional site. I would prefer that you write in English rather than using new generation language. This is mainly because we don't have time to get the meaning of what you want to convey by using this text messages
28th November 2015 From India, Kannur
Hi everyone
I worked with TCS bpo for 7 years from Sep 2008 to Jan 2016. In my last month payslip my PF deducted was rs.1044 and PF fund with provisional interest as rs.115112. I sent a mail to HR that i want to withdraw my PF fund. The retirral team sent me documents to withdraw both PF and Pension fund. When i checked with my HR about the money which i will get in claim he told me the same as in my payslip. Can someone tell me is it the same amount i will get totally from both PF and Pension fund or anything more or how much approximately? How to calculate this amount? the rate of interest percentage and growth rate in PF contribution? when i joined my monthly gross was rs.13,833.
28th April 2016 From India, Chennai
Hi madhu,
I worked in a private organization for 2 years 4 months.I'm not working now. I'm trying to join in government sector. I'm going to apply for pf. In form 10-c(EPS),they have given "Are you willing to accept scheme certificate in lieu of withdrawal benefits?" what should I fill yes or no?
9th May 2016 From India, Chennai
If you are joining a government service, then there is no meaning in keeping your pension fund account but you can withdraw it. Therefore, you may write "No", which means that you are not willing to get a scheme certificate but would like to take withdrawal of pension fund.
10th May 2016 From India, Kannur
Hi Madhu,
I have doubt in this is it mandatory to surrender the scheme certificate to the EPF office in case employee getting the new job, but in my experience i have visited to the EPF office regarding the scheme certificate the office personnel told that you have to keep this certificate with you till pensionable service arrive and in case get new job also you have to take one more certificate and submit both to while you are applying the pension attaining the pensionable age, really i have confused in this please clarify me....
Shivananda VD
25th July 2016 From India, Bangalore
You can keep the scheme certificates with you and surrender all the certificates along with your pension claim. There is no executive circular from the EPFO that you can do like this but the officials prefer this. As per law, we are expected to surrender when we join any organisation.
26th July 2016 From India, Kannur
Hi Madhu,
I served for my previous organization for 10+ years and withdraw my PF money. I joined a new organization and got a new PF account. I understood that if somebody is serving for more than 10 years, they are eligible for the PF pension scheme. How enable the pension scheme? How to link my previous service and show the service continuity in my new account?
5th August 2016 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
You may submit form 10C showing willingness to get scheme certificate in lieu of withdrawal benefits. You can hold the scheme certificate for the time being and submit the same along with the pension claim when you get 58 years of age.
5th August 2016 From India, Kannur
Hi Team,
I served for my previous organization for 10+ years and withdraw my PF money. I joined a new organization and got a new PF account. I understood that if somebody is serving for more than 10 years, they are eligible for the PF pension scheme. How enable the pension scheme? How to link my previous service and show the service continuity in my new account?
5th August 2016 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Dear Madhu K,
I joined a new company. While filling up the EPF application, its Mentioned that
How to get those two numbers ot it is not required while continuing the PF and Pension amount.
23rd September 2016 From India, Bengaluru
I have completed my 10 years service with the previous employer and want to withdraw my provident fund amount except my pension fund. I want to continue my pension fund with the present employer. what is the procedure? Please advise.
Tarak Shaw
27th October 2016 From India, Kolkata
I hope that your doubt is with regard to form 11 which is submitted to the new employer at the time of joining. If you have not received any scheme certificate in respect of your previous employment, no need to fill in this. Similarly, if you are not a PF pensioner, leave it. This will be required in the following cases.

1. When an employee collects scheme certificate whenever he leaves an establishment and closes/ withdraws his PF accumulations. One can withdraw his PF once he leaves an establishment after waiting for two months. But he cannot withdraw the Pension Fund if he has been in service for 10 years. In such cases he can only opt for scheme certificate and get it. When he joins another organisation, he will start with a new Provident Fund and surrenders his Scheme certificate through the new employer. With this his old (pensionable) service will be added to the new establishment.

2. Sometimes, an employee aged above 58 may join your establishment. He may be a PF pensioner. If he is declaring his pension order, he will become an excluded employee. On the other hand, he should be covered for the purpose of Provident Fund only.

The form 11 you were mentioning has been changed. The new form is attached.


28th October 2016 From India, Kannur

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Form 11 declaration REVISED.pdf (587.8 KB, 83 views)

I have left my service on 2017 and sent application to settle my PF account. Then PF amount credited in my bank account but Scheme Certificate didn't get yet. I have 10 yrs more service.
The status of application in online EPFO website, I viewed, Form 10 C rejected due to date of birth problem in application and member's data.
For my date of birth problem I have already sent joint declaration by member and the employer with proof on 2016.
In this circumstances, what can I do for getting my SC. Can I sent Fresh Form 10C application form with copy of the joint declaration with proof of date of birth?
Please advice.
9th April 2018 From India, Thrissur
Hi kindly suggest an employee joined the company 2007 - 2012 and left the company
he withdrawn the PF amount and re-join the another company 2017
how can we join his account in EPS
28th April 2018
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