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Hello All , Can anyone help me on preparing a PPT on "Emerging/Latest Trends in HR" which can be used for a presentation. Waiting for all your support. Regds Nisha
From India, Bangalore
Hi Nisha This is a presentation I made a year back in a NIPM conference You can develop on this Siva
From India, Chennai

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hi nisha i hav some information hope so it will help u..

Latest trend of hr

In each area of HRM, there is at at least one new contribution everyday.

Some of the recent trends followed in India are:

1. Competency Mapping

2. Six sigma

3. SAP

However it all depends on the need of the organization what to use or not to use. Thus be clear on what exactly you are looking for or at least the area.


HR has to play a vital role in todays competitive age. Company's who are employee focus are able to retain the staff.

Involvement of employees in decisions, asking for their views, suggestions, keeping a continuous and close touch with them are kept on priority by many multinationals.

Appreciation and recognisation for thier outstanding contirbution boots the morale of the employee.

There are many more things aprat from this..

Talent Management

Organisational Growth & Strategic Human Resource Management

Organisational excellence through Leadership

Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions on Human Resources

HRD in Cross-Cultural Environment

Competency Mapping

Building High Performance Culture


Outsourcing – Redefining Jobs and Work

Work-Life Balance in 24*7 Environment


- creating a global mind-set within the HR group, creating

practices that will be consistently applied in different

locations/offices while also maintaining the various

local cultures and practices, and communicating a

consistent corporate culture across the entire




-considering the HR function not as just an

administrative service but as a strategic business


Companies are involving the human resources

department in developing and implementing both

business and people strategies.



- Communicate to all locations about a common

corporate culture.

- Allow local cultures to maintain their identity

in the context of the corporate culture.

- Establish common systems (e.g., accounting,

marketing, MIS).

- Provide management with education outlining

how the company does business.

- Create an organizational mission with input

from all locations.

- Create a written strategy outlining the

corporate culture.



Technology-related skills

• Skills in identifying new applications of technologies

• Skills in developing new technologies, or advancing existing technologies

• Skills in identifying technological solutions to problems

Operative/Technical skills

• Skills in operating new tools or equipment, or applying new methods/processes

• Skills in applying new processes or tools to existing work

• Skills in installing and maintaining new products, and

• Skills in manufacturing new products.



Management skills

• Skills in identifying which innovation outcomes are appropriate for commercialisation

• Skills in knowing when and how to market a new product, tool or process (or other innovation outcome) successfully

• Skills in securing intellectual property rights over innovation outcomes

• Skills in setting up efficient manufacturing processes for new products

• Skills in negotiating appropriate training provision with education and training providers



* Building an educated and highly skilled workforce.

*Becoming a leader in knowledge creation and innovation.

*Developing linkages, clusters and networks to become a more integrated and networked local economy.

*Fostering high levels of enterprise formation and business growth.

*Becoming a globally focused and internationally integrated economy.

*Creating a business environment and infrastructure base that facilitates business success.

establishing a culture of innovations THRU

#Co-operative Research Centres

#Knowledge and Technology Diffusion

#Technology, Research Parks and Precincts





-more systems / more software for the business means

different methods of working, which affect the working human resources.

HRM have to face / meet/ manage the human resources to deliver the results.



-the demand for cheaper labor forced the companies to

seek more destinations in the underdeveloped countries.

This created an enormous challenge to the HRM

to seek/develop/manage overseas HR.




-the rapid development of underdeveloped countries

forced many companies to shift their production base

overseas.This created an enormous challenge to the HRM

to seek/develop/manage overseas HR.



-the rise in per capita income created more educated

human resources.




From India, Mumbai
Hi ! I got presentation from a friend who attended a seminar recently. He noted down some contents and prepared this. Hope this has some inputs for you. - Hiten
From India, New Delhi

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File Type: ppt changing_role_of_hr_174.ppt (45.0 KB, 1799 views)

Dear, Anjali has given the modern trend in the HR.And the PPT presentation are also good ones Keep going. Regards, Benance
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Thank you Anjali and Shiva,
This was very useful for me.
But, I have a Doubt. See, In my case, i'm in the HR field for the past 1.3 Years. I had worked as a HR Asst, Trainee Payroll executive and now Payroll executive. But at My present company they want me to be a Accounts executive which I'm not interested. As I'm searchin for job for a HR Generalist position, but I'm getting only for HR Executive (Recruitment). Shall I take up that Offer???? Will I have Furute in that??? i need your Advice on this.............
Warm Regards
From India, Madras
It depends on your qualification too. If you want to be a HR Specialist, you need to have a good qualification. Whatis HR Generalist? I am not very convinced about this terminology.
I already posted one repoly a few days back
To head HR Function in due course of time, you should have gone thru all aspects of HR
What do you think a HR Generalist does. Write down. Then you see whether there is any value addition. If you think you can add value to that job , then focus to be a HR Generalist in due course of time
Otherwise, you can specialise in Recruitment
From India, Chennai
Dear Shiva,
I'm persuring B.Com IInd year through distance education in Madras University and with the experience of 1.3 Years. I just want to buildup my career in HR. But, I believe that i can perform well in a HR generalist profile. This is for your Info........I'm excepting suggestions from you.
With Regards
Abi :roll: :roll:
From India, Madras
The biggest change is the change in the sheer character of what we define as HR traditionally. From a support function the HR is now emerging as a Business driver.
Have a look at the PPT attached. It is part of a presentation that i did a couple of months back.
Navneet Chandra
From India, Delhi

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File Type: ppt creating__a_efficient_hr_for_today_153.ppt (1.19 MB, 1133 views)

Hi Nisha Now that you have lots of materials, whatevr you prepare should be shared soon Can we wait to see what you have prepared?? :) :) :) Siva
From India, Chennai
RAVI SONAIYA Can anyone help me on preparing a PPT on "Emerging/Latest Trends in HR" which can be used for a presentation. Waiting for all your support. Regds RAVI
From India, Bangalore
hi anjali
Thank you for your information.
It is more helpful for me also, as iam going to do project in HRM.
Can you suggest some good topics related to the current issues in HR or trends.So that it will be more useful.
Thanks & regards,
From India, Devakottai

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