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For all those who are new CiteHR has inspired DELCH (Delhi Cite HR Group) into being. The group actually started in 2005, but had its ups and downs. Thanx to some real entrepreneurship shown by a spunky bunch of HR people, the activities have been revived. What follows are the Mnutes of the Meeting' held on 13 Jan at Okhla.

Delch had decided to meet on 13th January 2008 at 10:30 am. After a bit confusion over the venue, it was finally decided that the venue would be Sanjukta¡¦s Office, at Amkette, Okhla. We are still in the process of finding a central venue to our next HR meets, so that everyone finds it convenient.

It was somewhat emotional for me as Sanjukta has decided to move to Chennai. This was the last time she was attending the Delch meet. It was with her initiative that the Delhi HR meet was started and I am personally thankful to her for bringing us closer to each other.

It was quite nice to see some students from IBA joining for the meet. Infact they arrived half an hour early than the scheduled time!! Also we had Geetika (GEETI) who is one of the key members of the earlier citehr Delhi meet.

Members Present:

1. Sharat Paul

2. Raj Rajeshwar

3. Akshita Ambesh

4. Keerthi Kalyan

5. Dev

6. Gaurav Goel

7. Meha Pushyami

8. Chitra Anand

9. Navinder Singh

10. Geetika Suri

11. Manjushaa Verma

12. Pankaj Hirani

13. Govind Bisht

14. Rajesh Kumar

15. Sushma Rawat

16. Sanjukta

17. Anuradha

As most of the people arrived till 11:15 AM, it was getting late for a formal introduction. Two topics were decided earlier:

One was to be covered by Gaurav and the other by Navinder.

We started with Navinder¡¦s Topic ¡V 360 degree feedback. The presentation is attached for all to gain knowledge. He threw light on key issues, organization trends in using 360 degree, its importance. There was some discussion about how organizations use 360 degree. Some members were of the opinion that 360 degree is followed in their organization without the inclusion of the clients/customers. Some others said that this may take the form of 270 degree. Our discussion still continues on what basically should be included in 360 appraisal. Or it depends on what the company or management decides 360 degree is.

Everybody was so involved that for the first topic only we had crossed an hour. Gaurav had the next topic. But we thought it would be unfair if the important topic was just quickly covered. So we decided to keep the topic for the next meet.

Then we had a brief introduction and we all sat to discuss some key issues. We were all eager to ask Geeti about the previous HR meet and what led to the discontinuation. She showed us a presentation of the previous HR meet and the last they had in August. Delch started in October.,

Some of the suggestions and outcomes in our discussion:

„« Chitra suggested that we should set up a committee so that there is a structured process.

„« Naveen suggested that we could involve the management or Siddharth to be more precise in our meet. He also suggested that a group can be created in Cite HR for the Delhi people.

„« It was also suggested that some amount be taken from the members so that we can arrange for the venue, and other basic things.

„« All the members have contributed Rs. 100 as registration fees. The 4 students were exempted from this.

„« There were some problems which had cropped up in the previous meet. We had to plan out things so that things can go smoothly.

„« It was decided that the meet are not only an individual¡¦s concern but has to be taken collectively. Members were requested to come forward and take the charge.

„« It was decided that like the previous one, this time also we will have 5-6 group leaders and they will coordinate with their groups.

Agenda for the next meet

„« Recruitment Practices ¡V Past and future: By Gaurav Goel

„« Motivation: By MDS Mann (Tentative)

As it was getting closer to 2 pm, we closed our discussion, not before promising each other that we will try to be there in the future meets and taking our motto ¡§LEARNING BY SHARING¡¨ to a higher level.
17th January 2008 From India, Delhi

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File Type: ppt 360_degree_feedback_781.ppt (1.26 MB, 417 views)

Hi friends
Yes we had fun in this meet and hope that with the cooperation of all, we can gain knowledge in HR.
Forum members are requested to add some comments and suggestions on the current trends we can discuss in the meet.
People who are interested in attending the next HR meets can register themselves at:

17th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Members
Till 12th January I know the people of CITE HR through their names and post but on 13th when I met with the HR people believe me it was amazing exp. of mine. They all are excellent.
We all have decided to share the knowledge with each other so that all of us can groom ourselves.
So members please register yourself and attend the next meet of DELCH.
Hope to see more participants in the next meet of DELCH.
17th January 2008 From China, Beijing
Hi Team,
Anu & Naveen thanks for the beautifully crafted minutes.
It was both a pleasure & opportunity to spend time with you on the 5th Meet of Delhi people. The discussions & the brainstorming session not only contributed to enriching our individual knowledge, but also forced us to do our Homework :-) again. I am sure all would agree with this.
On a personal note after a long time I came across group which believes in the concept of the CITE HR FAMILY & intends to stay connected as HR Professionals purely for knowledge sharing with no individual monetary interests.
Looking forward to the next meet.....What say DELCH
Cheers !! to the Delhi Gang :-)
17th January 2008 From India, Bangalore
hey delcheeeeeeeeeeeeess
i am in love with this and you all know this, i know..
i loved the way we ppl discuss the things and love to take additional responsibilities if you ppl think i am capable..
hey sanju, will miss you yaar...
and navinder, not to say how was your presentation, it was rocking.

and yes, now be ready for my presentation in our next meet, without any bahana..

till then \\ cheers :P

17th January 2008 From India, Delhi
hey anu, as said by you to discuss something on HR, I juz encountered a new term, "JOB SCULPTING". IN THE MOST SIMPLEST FORM, ITS "THE ART OF RETAINING EMPLOYEES" LOOKING FOR MORE REVIEWS.. GAURAV
17th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Yup Gaurav
We can discuss what job sculpting is all about. Gr8!!!!!!!
There are so many new things coming in HR and as HR professionals we should know and use the right terminologies so that we excel in our work.
Hoping to get more reviews!!!
Hi Katyana
We have not yet decided about the venue. But we will decide it within the next week and the 6th meet would be sometimes in February.
18th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Thanks a lot Navinder for excellent presentation. I always wanted to know more & more about 360 degree appraisal… Ups! 360 degree feedback…Your presentation was Kamal combination of all information & I also like the appraisal joke which you have mentioned in your slide. Now my concept is very much clear … Thanks a lot for sharing…
We should also thanks to Sanjukta.. she has organized all in her office… It was the last meeting with Her.
And all rounder anuradha… & her minutes of meeting! I truly appreciate her efforts.
As per my opinion every body (Including me) should come forward & take initiatives. This is the only way we can learn. We should grab this excellent opportunity.
So stay in touch & say cheers to DELCH…
18th January 2008 From India, Bangalore
I think the slogan mentioned on the site is very apt to describe my own feelings " Knowledge grows when you share it". Lets all continue to grow, my friends!
18th January 2008 From India, Delhi
arre bhai, koi job sculpting bhi discuss kar lo, if anybody knows anything about it....
n plz put the latest HR glossary, i think one word a week can get all of us thru this race of HR profs...
so come on guyz, put in your thoughts...

18th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Gaurav Job Sculpting ke barre mein aap hi kuch batao becoz I think this is a new term and it’ll really nice if you share something about this topic. Sushma
19th January 2008 From China, Beijing
i will share whatever i know, but thats quite less..
well as i told already that its the art of retaining people.

hereby we sculpt/carve/design the job in such a way that it fits according to person's competencies and when a person gets 100% from his/her job, the efforts on retention part can be minimised.
somewhat opposite to job design or job evaluation.
suggestions and feedbacks are welcome.
19th January 2008 From India, Delhi
It was really nice to be there in the meeting. It feels great to learn with friends in a friently atmosphere. In a childs language i can say it i learn while playing. dev :lol:
21st January 2008 From India, Delhi
Anuradha had written :-

Hi Delch...

A very good morning to all!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

There are some issues which I wanted to discuss with all of u.

1. The next meet:

We can have the next meet in February on either of the following dates.

3, 10, 17, 24

Please let the group know your convenient date so that we can unanimously decide upon the date.

2. The venue:

As you all know we are in the process of selecting a venue preferably a central location. So, Please pour in your suggestions and if anybody can arrange for it, let me know.

3. The speakers:

As we have already decided that for the next meet, Gaurav and Mann would be taking up their individual topics, I would request them again to send us the topic as well as the time to be taken for individual topics.

4. The team leaders:

We had decided previously that we will alot team leaders for a group of 5-7 members. For the previous meet, we had Sanjukta, Rajesh, Meha, Gaurav and Anuradha as the team leaders. I would request Delch to let me know if you will be interested in leading the team. I would request all the members to please provide me with their contact number and their address or the place they reside, so that people from the same location can come together for the meet.

I can understand that everyone is busy with their respective work, but would seriously want everyone to atleast remember each other's name. (kabhi kabhi thoda yaad kar lo yaaro!!)

Waiting for your responses


22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
I had written :-
Thanx for the mail....ive put my thinking cap on...
I think 17 Feb should be fine for a meet...after the valentines day, lest we have hearts popping out of someone's sleeves!
Venue - a big question mark!
Team leader - I think we can continue with the existing team leaders and change it during the next meet - keep it on agenda!
More views welcome!
Navinder (Navin)
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Gaurav wrote: -
agreed with navinder..
but i think 10th would be more fine as one of my team member suggested it to me. after that, she has to go to her hometown on 12th.
as for leaders, its completely fine with me atleast and if any changes we can discuss in the next meet.
just a request:
plz dont call us speakers as it sounds that i am going to give a lecture which i dont want.
secondly as some of us discussed with the "IBA" guys to bring their lecturers so that they can enlighten us, i dont like this.
see, i liked the way we people discuss things and i seriously dont wanna it getting formal.
if a prof from some college will come and give us a lecture or a presetation, the whole purpose of conducting the meet will demolish.
however, trainers are more than welcome anytime.
hope i am able to put across my point.
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Rajesh wrote:-
Hi Delch,
Anu thanks for taking your precious time and reminding us.
In my view 17th or 24 th of Feb. is fine.
Venue I am trying to get something in Central Delhi which is not yet final.Wish me luck for that.
Speakers we already have two for the next meet,but we can have some backup for exigencies.
I stay in Noida and my contact no is 09810212549.
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi all,
I fully agree with Gaurav, we must not let these lecturers spoil the show. In fact, it was me who suggested this earlier, because I found the concept of IBA students attending also a bit vague....after all we also are not lecturers! At that time I thought, why not get someone from IBA who can also contribute. Maybe, there is a someone in their faculty who would contribute positively. However, any collective decision in the interst of the group is welcome.
Also, the registration fee must be given by all, as I firmly believe in a two way process...and the amount is not much.
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi All
I think learning is important. So we should learn slowly and steadily and not jump at learning everything at one time. All the Delch members are taking initiatives to share and contribute in their own way. Navinder is right when he says that registration fee shuld be there as it will be used for venue and the materials in the meet.
Hope people will pour in suggestions.
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Good Morning Delchies…
Wow! It’s actually good to see members are sharing views. I fully agree with Gaurav, Navinder & Anuradha. I am also trying to find out some central place for meeting. Let’s see kya hota hai.
I haven’t received any updated list. Please members check your yahoo group mail & citeHR on regular basis & share your ideas.
As per Navinder, we will make further conversation on citeHR… So I am here..
Meha Pushyami
22nd January 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Folks,
I think we should focus on things so that we can share the views and gain knowledge. I don't think its an issue if the faculties come and share the knowledge at their own will. Again that will be a more formalized way and an added advantage to this forum. We should keep our doors open to every knowledge resources.
This is my idea only and rest a common discission is always welcomed...
22nd January 2008 From India, Madras
Chitra wrote :- Hi Everyone, 17th feb is fine with me. If veryone agrees I can take the responsibility of Sanjukta as I had proposed the same thing in previous delch meet. Chitra anand
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi everyone.....
We are working as an HR in an IT company in gurgaon & would like to join you in the Delhi Citehr meet. Kindly let us know when the next meet will be held, the venue & time for the same.....
Sunaina Kapoor / Puja Barthakur
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
hey sunaina,
keep checking the forum and this thread to know more.
i think my wish of getting 100 members on the last meet of this year,i.e., december will certainly fulfill.
i agree with navinder on the fees part, even i am a student yaar :wink:
keep discussing new terms all, so that we do not become stagnant.
keep growing..
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
22nd January 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear Delch..

A very good morning to you.

Hope everyone is doing fine!

I think we can tentatively keep our next meet on 17th or 24th February depending upon the availability of the venue. Rajesh and Meha are trying hard to get some place. If anyone gets a place, please notify it to the members so that we can all do our bit of work.

We will have the same group leaders as were in the previous meet and for the next set of leaders we can discuss that in the forthcoming meet.

So the group leaders are:





Please post your details as it will be easier to allocate members. We are yet to receive some of the updates from the members. I would request all the members to please indicate at least their contact number and location( whether Noida, GUrgaon, Dwarka, etc.). Please do not wait for someone to call or personally mail you. I think its everyone's responsibility to contribute towards the core objective of learning. Would prefer if the details come by Monday.

please post your queries and suggestions


Anuradha :)
25th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi All,
This is charan from chennai...that's great to hear that you people sucessfully had a meet. Even i am also try to get in touch with chennai group but unfortunately i ddin't get in touch with them but recently i got in touch with vijay and he said he will keep me posted with the next meet details...
DELCH if you could arrange your next meet in one day travelling distance / any centralised location you can expect for more participants....
Actually i am very much interested to be part of this meet's...but till date i didn't get any such opportunities...
Anyway thanks for sharing the information and PPT it is was really good one...
Thanks & Regards,
Charan Kedar.C.
25th January 2008 From United States, Palo Alto
Dear All,
My name is kishan Sharma and interested to join your esteem community - Delhi Citehr.
Moreover I am interested to be part of our next meeting and If your facing any problem for venue please let me know and I will arrange the venue for our community.
For any clarification please mail me on or call on my mobile No. 9312612220 (New Delhi).
Kishan Sharma
25th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hey Guys!!
I'm so happy to see Delhi Citehr meets happening even now. :D
Geeti told me that she would be attending one of these meets which was started with the initiative of Sanjukta and others.
I'm so delighted that these meets have taken forward by some one or the other.
I would join the next meet surely.
Contact Number:9811334792
Archna(Back in action) :D
25th January 2008 From India, Delhi
The comments from Charan at Chennai were encouraging, to say the least. We shall also discuss his proposal when we meet next. We do need guys who can share, learn and grow! Navinder
25th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Very true.
It is very encouraging.
Nice to see people are showing interest in Delhi cite HR forum (DELCH)..
I am open for any dates for meeting. I am also trying for venue. I was not in town last week. So couldn’t work on this. But now I am back and trying my level best to arrange some central place for venue.
Keep in touch,
30th January 2008 From India, Bangalore
A gr8 hi to Delch
I had gone out of station and am back today evening only. I agree with Meha that each and every people is busy but can make some effort to come forward and take the charge. Anyways we would request again to members to update their details. We will start calling people from Monday. So people who have not given their numbers or emails, please do so.
Delhi is getting cold. We need some heat to warm up things. So everyone ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30th January 2008 From India, Delhi
Hello Delchies,
Hope everyone is doing fine!
We all are trying to add more experienced people in our forum. As you know, Satish has given us an idea to call all senior HR members. We can learn so many things from these people if they join us. Navinder, Anuradha, Satish, Raul & I are working towards it. But we all want you people to come forward and help us in implementing these ideas. Seriously speaking Delhi HR forum (DELCH) really wants you all.
When we learn something from each other, we're formed by the experience.... we are authors of each other.. - Doc Searls
Together we can make wonders.

I request you to all to check mails on regular basis & revert back.
New Members – Every detail of the members are in yahoo group. Please go through that & start talking to the members. Please share your ideas & take charge.
Have a nice day..
7th February 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Meha, I think you will have to post directions for new users as to how to join us on yahoogroups...its beyond me anyway... :lol:
7th February 2008 From India, Delhi
hey all plz come forward...
yaar aisa ni lag raha that its the same problem of disengaged employees.
here also, members are enrolled but they dont come forward...
lagta hai laato k bhoot baato se ni manenge..
7th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Gaurav,
Remember the 80-20 principle? Everywhere, you will find 80% of the people who like to be mere passengers and its 20% who actually run the feel good that you are in that 20% and let those 80% relax...nothing will ever move them! Bindaas!
8th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Friends

We are having our next meet on 17th February 2008. The venue details would be confirmed by tomorrow evening. The timings are: 10:30-1:00. The following is the list of members of Delhi Cite HR. If any name is not reflected, please let us know. Also if any other Cite HR members would like to join, please confirm.

List of Delhi Cite HR members:

1. Aashima

2. Ajitha

3. Akhil Gupta

4. Amit Goel

5. Anuradha Das Gupta

6. Archana

7. B.K Raul

8. Chitra Anand

9. Deepa

10. Deepak Sharma

11. Dev Kumar

12. Emmy Gilbert

13. Gaurav Goel

14. Geetika Suri

15. Govind Singh Bisht

16. Kartick K Krishnamoorthy

17. Manmeet Kaur

18. Kishan Sharma

19. Komal Singh

20. Manjushaa Verma

21. MDS Mann

22. Meha Pushyani

23. Navinder Singh

24. Neha Malhotra

25. Pankaj Hirani

26. parvathy ramesh

27. Pavitra Mishra

28. Rahul Verma

29. Rajesh Kumar

30. Rajni Jaiswal

31. Ruchika

32. Sandeep Sharma

33. Shalini Garg

34. Shiv Goel

35. Sita Arora

36. Sonali

37. Sudhir Mougdal

38. Sunil Joshi

39. Sushma Rawat

40. Swati Sinha

41. Vandana

42. Yamini Chopra

43. Satish Kumar

If any name is missing or new members want to join, please post a reply on this thread or mail at


8th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Wow! Thats the way to go, DELCH! Lets do it...for the HR Community of Delhi....and make Delhi Corporate a better place to work in..... Navinder
8th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi NAvinder, Yes, we should feel good that we are in 20% :D I have already sent details to every body... Tension lene ka nahi dene ka.. :D :D :D :wink: Cheers! Meha
8th February 2008 From India, Bangalore
hum to tension dene ko taiyaar hain meha madam, but koi le to sahi... :cry: n yes, get a lappy this time too yaar... gaurav
8th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Anu, Please let me know when are v planning for next Delhi CiteHR Meet.? Regards- Pankaj
8th February 2008 From United States
hey pankaj, 99.9% its on 17th, so be ready for all the thrill in this chill.. :twisted: gaurav
9th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Guys,
With CiteHR Greats like M. Peer Mohamed Sardhar sending their good wishes, we r sure to take it on now....Anu,Gaurav,Meha,Satish and all others...well done till now! Kets get it all finalised and inform everyone here by 13th latest. Anything I can assist, let me know.
11th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear All,
Efforts taken by Anuradha and Meha have borne fruit- Kishan has taken initiative after being contacted and approached BGIL (Bhartiya Global Infomedia Ltd), NOIDA, an HR solutions firm to sponsor the event.
I have received confirmation from Mr Arpan, their Sales Head, saying that the company has agreed to sponsor the meet at YMCA Conference Hall at CP, New Delhi.
The Hall is available on 23rd February.
May I request you all to please accord priority to this subject matter and give your willingness or otherwise for the meet on 23rd. Replies are requested for by tomorrow noon, i.e 1200 hrs on 14 Feb...
By the way, Happy Valentines Day to u all.
13th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi, Anu,
How are you ?
Dear plz let me know the final date for Delhi CiteHR Meet.
Its on 17th or on 23rd as Mr.Narang has mentioned in his post.
Coz I need to go out for 2-3 days, Plz lemme know as soon as possible.
13th February 2008 From United States
I downloaded in my computer but i could not read it. I don’t know what is wrong. can u advice me? How can I open it? Ramesh Thapa
13th February 2008 From Nepal, Kathmandu
Hi Friends
Finally the venue have been finalized. As said by Navin, the date which has been finalized is 23rd February 2008,Saturday. The timing is 4 pm - 6 pm.
Gaurav, I can understand that you have a genuine problem. But if it is possible to modify your plans, we all will be happy. We r getting confirmation from people for 23rd. SO buddy, as Meha said its the problem of venue, we have to take a decision.
Navinder has been the back end support for the Delch group. He has continuously praised Meha and Anuradha, but it was through Navin's efforts that the venue was finalized. So Now we need to thank and appreciate his work. Also Kishan had played the most wonderful part here as Navin has mentioned in his post.
So we would look forward to meet everyone at this meet. For any query post on this thread or at our group mail.
14th February 2008 From India, Delhi
I have just spoken to Arpan....he has yet to confirm the timings. Initially, he was wanting to book it for the time slot 1-4 pm, to which I have expressed doubts, as many of us are working, and it is lunch time. He shall call up and confirm again.
14th February 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi all,
Kishan has finally booked the YMCA hall for 01 March, Saturday from 5-8 pm, as there were some problems as regards the timings for the 23rd Feb.
So, the fresh date is confirmed for 01 March...Finally! Good for Gaurav too... he is finally going to give us some GuruGyan!
I shall also be forwarding the email confirmation from Kishan to the yahoogroup id.
Cheers to life
14th February 2008 From India, Delhi
hey navinder, thanx.....
n m not going to give any gurugyan yaar, it will be very simple thing that we all know already but do not give it a thought sometimes...
keep waiting till then, hahahaha
gaurav :twisted:
14th February 2008 From India, Delhi

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