please provide me.. urgent required hr case study with appropriate opinion. Regards, Chetan,
From India, Vadodara
Pls clarify your request wether you want a case study or u already have a case study and want some opinions. English is a funny language :P Swapneel
From Singapore, Singapore

hi, this is chetan, i required case study on different different issues of HRD like (motivation, performance appraisal, leadership, etc.) i hope now u understood my question. bye.
From India, Vadodara

Hi Freinds,

Let me take you through a case study.

This is about 4 employees Radha (26 yrs/Engaged to Avinash/working/ Ambitious) John (bachelor, 20 yrs old ) Avinash( 30 yrs old/ Engaged to Radha, Dominating character) Aslam (45 yr old/ married and settled in life/ superior in the org)

Avinash doesnt want Radha to be working at his level. John is a buddy to Radha but still is jealous of her acheivements. Aslam feels women should not be working, kind of a ancient bugger.

The management makes a decision to move the supervisor out of the org and make one of the 4 as the new supervisor. Radha is chosen as the new supervisor.

The rest of the guys are not happy with her promotion.

Scenario - The business make a profit of 10 crores every year. And the last year it was 12 crores. Suddenly management says to her that she should make 10 crores in the next 2 quaters (6months). Radha doesnt have any choice since if she doesnt make it Avinash will be promoted in her place. And avinash is so upset with Radha that he will ditch her if she fails then. Also he is not happy to work under her as he is engaged to her.

Aslam is a senoir guy and feels very bad to report to radha, john is ok to report to Radha but has evil intentions in his mind about Radha.

What would you suggest Radha should she reach out to you for help ??

Please suggest !!


From India, Mumbai

Hello Chetan, Please find case study material on different topics.Contact me for further assistance. Regards, Shraddha Awasthi
From India, Vadodara
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hi Shraddha,
your attachment was of real help.
But i would like to have case studies for time management Its a bit urgent
If you could provide me some or may be help me get some link to a good website for case studies it would be of great help.

From India, Mumbai

HI <link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) ,
Gud post, If radha is a career oriented girl she can try her level best to try and achieve the turnover of 10 crores else try for the managerial position in other company and settle in life this way she can make avinash love her more. If not ask avinash what to do and then she can decide if she is not that career oriented. And if am radha i would surely prefer my profile and my target because that is what i wanted to become in my life and once i have succeeded then will think to spend time with avinash and make him understand why i did and will convince him that i have done for our future.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Chetan,
you can refer the following books:
a) Management & Behavioural Processes by Prof K Shridhara Bhat
Published by Himalaya Publishing House (price Rs 325.00)
b) Action Tools for Effective Managers by Margaret Mary Gootnick & David Gootnick
Published by Amacom (price Rs 395.00)
c) For the benefit of upcoming trainers, I had uploaded two case studies. Click the following link to refer these:
<link outdated-removed>

Dinesh V Divekar

Freelance Soft Skill & Behavioural Trainer
+ 91

From India, Bangalore


As far as Radha is concerned, I would say that both business and personal life are two different Extremes and one should not mix up the business with the personal life. If Avinash is so much worried about the happenings, It clearly shows that he doesnt have any work - Life balance. He need to be made understood about the situation clearly and Radha is promoted only for the reason that she is performing. Avinash should be happy instead of being worried to share that radha is a performer.

As far as john is concerned, Organizational politics would surely evolve in any organizational setup. It is the responsibility of each individual in the organization, to direct the organizational politics to a productive way.

Aslam, as mentioned, is a superior guy who would really would have worries in reporting to a person who is younger then him. This is where the issue of experience/ performance based appraisal system takes place. Aslam and every other person in the organization should be clearly explained about the metrics through which radha is promoted. There should be a transparent appraisal system. This would make aslam to actually realize the gap between his and radha's performance. He should also be motivated in a manner that he would also perform in order to get his promotion.

If Radha could carry out all these suggestions, I hope the situtation would turn out into a productive environment.

Looking forward for the others to comment and make corrections in the solution....

From India, Madras

Dear Shraddha,
The attachmentw as really helpful. I am looking for some really short cases for sales guys. I am planning to launch a learning forum and wanted some really short case study which can form teh foundation of the presentations that i make. Woudl you know where i could get soem on retention, motivation etc. Can you help me out with some websites that would ahve what i am looking for?

From India, Bangalore
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