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Hi, I have been working from home since October 2022. Now, the company is asking me to come to work from the office without transport and food. Also, the office is in Bangalore, and I live in Delhi with my family. I don't want to leave my job, but I am not willing to go to Bangalore because of my financial incapabilities. The house rent and deposits are too high, plus transport and food, which I have to spend from my own pocket. The company is not giving me any money for relocation.
From India, New Delhi

You cannot expect that throughout the service period you could work from home or from office near to you. Simply, transfer is a condition of service, and every employer has the right to transfer the employees for business exigencies. However, if the appointment order does not speak about transfer then you can take it as an industrial dispute saying that transfer will lead to change in the service conditions. But raising an industrial dispute will not make sense because that act would spoil the relationship with the employer, and may even lead to unpleasant situations in future employment. Therefore, the only way out is to negotiate on the terms and conditions of service at Bangalore, like HRA, relocation allowance etc. Transportation and food are anyway expenses that you should bear even if you are asked to work from Delhi office. Therefore, you may not get it compensated but it is genuine to get an additional amount or compensatory allowance to meet house rent at Bangalore. Similarly, you can ask for relocation allowance which will be a one time payment for transportation of your personal belongings from Delhi to Bangalore plus travel fare for yourself and your family. Normally these will be there in the transfer policy of the company. In the absence of all the above, it is advisable to leave the company and join another company.
From India, Kannur

I understand your concerns and the difficulties you're facing. It's challenging to balance work and personal life, especially when it comes to relocating to a new city. Here are some points you can consider discussing with your employer:

Remote work arrangement: Since you've been working from home effectively since October 2022, you can suggest maintaining the remote work arrangement. You can propose a compromise, such as working from home 2-3 days a week and coming to the office for the remaining days.

Relocation assistance: Since your company is not providing relocation assistance, you can ask if they would be willing to consider a one-time relocation grant or reimbursement for expenses related to moving. This could help offset some of the costs.

Flexible work arrangements: You can discuss flexible work arrangements, such as flexible hours or compressed workweeks, to help reduce your commuting costs and time spent away from home.

Remote work tools and equipment: As you're already working from home, you might already have the necessary equipment and tools. If not, you can ask your employer to provide or reimburse the costs for necessary equipment or software.

Team collaboration: Emphasize the importance of team collaboration and communication. Since you've been working remotely effectively, you can argue that remote work arrangements won't negatively impact your productivity or job performance.

Cost-of-living adjustment: You can propose a cost-of-living adjustment in your salary to account for the increased expenses related to relocating to Bangalore. This might be a reasonable request, considering the significant difference in living costs between Delhi and Bangalore.

Discuss with HR or management: Schedule a meeting with HR or management to discuss your concerns and proposed solutions. Be prepared to provide evidence of your productivity and performance while working remotely.
Some sample scripts to get you started:

I understand that the company needs me to come to the office, but I'm concerned about the financial implications of relocating to Bangalore. Would it be possible to maintain a remote work arrangement or discuss alternative solutions?"

I've been working effectively from home since October 2022, and I believe my productivity and performance have not suffered. I'd like to continue working remotely or propose alternative arrangements that reduce my commuting costs."

I understand that relocation is not an option, but I'm willing to discuss a cost-of-living adjustment in my salary to account for the increased expenses related to relocating."
Remember to approach the conversation calmly and professionally, focusing on finding solutions that benefit both you and the company. Good luck!

From India, Pune


As per your post it seems your native is Delhi and you got WFH offer from Bangalore based Company and now your Employer is directing you to support from office @ Bangalore. In this case you don't have any other option except to accept the directive of your Employer. You may request for time or further extension but can't disobey the order of your Employer totally. Transport and food to be borne by you only and you cannot expect Employer to reimburse. Call is yours. Either accept or resign and look for new job. Even if you resign you will be advised to complete notice period at Bangalore office ? So talk to your HR and look for amicable solution.

From India, Madras

First, let us be clear, you can not fight the company on this. You have a choice of moving to bengaluru or getting another job.

But you need to clarify something :
Was this advertised as WFH job?
Was it advertised as being in Delhi or Bengaluru?
Or are you just taking advantage of WFH to be in a different city though the job was for a position in bengaluru?

From India, Mumbai
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