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I am an HR professional at a software company. I have a question related to Sick leave and earned leave.

Sick leave is 12/year & EL is 18/year. If an employee uses his sick leave in 6 months, if he falls sick in that particular year, can he avai the earned leave for the same purpose? Please explain.


From India, Bengaluru

In which state the EL is 18 days. Most of the states have 12 or one day for every 20 days worked. That would account for a maximum of 15 leaves because leave is earned on the days physically worked, and when you have at least 52 weekly off and a few national and festivals the maximum days that will earn leaves will be 300 only. For an IT company which will work for 5 days in a week, it will be even less than 15.

Now coming to the question, if an employee falls short of sick leave, he can utilise the earned leave. But in some state laws, there are restrictions regarding number of times an employee can avail EL ina year. It is three times in some states. Then the employee may find it difficult to avail further EL. Otherwise, there is no such restriction, you can approve EL when an employee fals sick.

From India, Kannur
ashok pal

An Employee does not become sick having sick leave balance. He will join duty when doctor recommend him to join duty. Duration of sick period may be more than available sick leave balance. What will you do or every one do. Naturally other leave may be sanction. It is true that leave is not right but sanction of type of leave may not be denied.

From India, Indore

If someone uses up all their sick days in the first half of the year and gets sick again later, they can use their earned leave for the same reason. You can usually use earned leave for different things like being sick, going on vacation, or personal stuff, depending on what your company says. Just make sure to check with HR or your company's leave policy to know for sure.
From India, Kolkata
ashok pal

gets sick again later,
will you make employee sick without pay even employee having leave in his account. employee will use EL(Earned Leave) for sick leave if sick leave already used. If EL finished then employee become leave without pay.

From India, Indore

All 12 SL enjoyed in first 6 months of the year. It is probably misused. It has been used like CL. Now the employee is again sick and EL in the credit. EL may be sanctioned in this case if it is genuine.

There are organizations who are asking medical certificate even for 1 day SL. It is necessary to have some control over SL Sanction.

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