I am working in a construction company as an HR. Can anyone provide an update on the recruitment process sheet? and please help me with the core HR activities as an HR and what responsibilities should be handled in the construction company.
From India, Hyderabad

HI Lakshminarayana,

Below is the recruitment process sheet that you can use or customize according to your company's needs. Additionally, I'll provide a list of core HR activities specific to the construction industry.

Recruitment Process Sheet:
Position: [Job Title]

Department: [Department]

1. Job Requisition:

Request received from [Department/Manager]
Position details, qualifications, and responsibilities clarified
2. Job Posting:

Create and post job vacancy on company website, job boards, and relevant platforms
Set application deadline
3. Resume Screening:
Review resumes received
Shortlist candidates based on qualifications

4. Initial Screening:
Conduct initial phone or video interviews
Assess candidate's communication skills, experience, and interest in the role

5. Interviews:
Coordinate and schedule interviews with hiring managers and relevant team members
Conduct in-person or virtual interviews

6. Assessment:
Administer relevant assessments or tests, if applicable

7. Reference Check:
Contact provided references to verify candidate's work history and qualifications

8. Job Offer:
Extend job offer to selected candidate
Discuss terms, conditions, and start date

9. On-boarding:
Facilitate the on-boarding process for the new employee
Ensure necessary paperwork is completed

10. Communication:
Notify unsuccessful candidates
Update internal records and databases
Core HR Activities in Construction Industry:

11. Safety Compliance:
Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines
Facilitate safety training for employees

12. Labour Relations:
Manage employee relations and address any workplace disputes
Stay informed about labor laws and regulations

13. Recruitment for Specialized Roles:
Source and recruit skilled workers for construction-specific roles (e.g., engineers, project managers, skilled labour)

14. Training and Development:
Coordinate training programs for employees, especially related to construction industry skills and safety protocols

15.Contractor Management:
Handle HR aspects of engaging and managing contractors or subcontractors

16. Performance Management:
Implement performance appraisal systems for construction-related roles
Provide feedback and facilitate goal-setting for construction teams

17.Project Staffing:
Work closely with project managers to ensure appropriate staffing levels for construction projects
Compliance Monitoring:

Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and certifications

18.Employee Benefits:
Administer benefits tailored to the needs of construction workers, including health and safety incentives

19 Workforce Planning:
Plan for seasonal variations in workforce needs
Anticipate and address staffing requirements for upcoming projects


From India, Bangalore
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