I received an offer letter from Cognizant. My overall experience is 63 months (49 months IT + 14 months Non IT). My first non-IT company was closed, and the company website and email IDs are not available for BGV, but I have documents and a PF statement. I said the same thing in the HR discussion. Now, in the offer letter, they mention 49 months of IT experience. So, do I need to submit non-IT company details in one cognizant portal? If I do not submit, what happens?

Will I encounter any bgv issues?

From India, Hyderabad


In situations like these, it's crucial to maintain transparency and communicate effectively with the hiring company. If your offer letter from Cognizant specifies 49 months of IT experience, it is likely that they are focusing on your relevant IT experience for the role they are hiring you for.

However, to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and background verification (BGV), it's advisable to provide accurate and complete information. You have already mentioned the absence of company website and email IDs for your first non-IT company, but you do have documents and a PF statement. In this case, you should communicate this clearly to the HR or the designated contact person at Cognizant.

Here are steps you can consider:

Reach out to HR: Send a polite and clear email to the HR representative who provided you with the offer letter. Mention that you noticed the offer letter only includes 49 months of IT experience, and you want to confirm if they require information on your non-IT experience for the background verification process.

Provide documentation: If they confirm that they need information on your non-IT experience, offer to provide the documents and PF statement you have from your first non-IT company. Clearly explain the situation regarding the closure of the company and the unavailability of website/email IDs.

Ask for guidance: If you are uncertain about any specific steps, ask for guidance from the HR representative. They should be able to provide you with the necessary instructions on how to proceed.

It's important to note that honesty and clarity are key in these situations. Misrepresentation or omission of information can lead to issues during the background verification process, and it's always better to address any discrepancies proactively. Additionally, different companies may have different policies and procedures for background checks, so it's best to follow their guidance.


From India, Bangalore
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