Prakasha Shetty
Dear Concern team member, Kindly share with us the child labour policy draft
From India, Bengaluru

Hi Prakasha Shetty,

I can provide you with a general outline for a child labor policy, but please note that specific details may vary based on the country, industry, and organization. It's essential to consult legal experts and relevant authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations. Here is a basic template for a child labor policy:

Child Labor Policy Draft
1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose:

Clearly state the purpose of the child labor policy, emphasizing the organization's commitment to preventing and eliminating child labor.
1.2 Scope:

Define the scope of the policy, specifying the industries, regions, and age groups to which it applies.
2. Definitions

2.1 Child Labour:

Clearly define what constitutes child labour according to local laws and international standards.
2.2 Child:

Define the age range considered as "child" in accordance with local regulations.
3. Policy Statement

3.1 Commitment:

Express the organization's commitment to preventing, prohibiting, and eliminating child labor within its operations and supply chain.
3.2 Compliance:
Emphasize adherence to local and international laws and conventions related to child labor.
4. Responsibilities

4.1 Management:

Outline the responsibilities of management in ensuring the implementation and enforcement of the child labor policy.
4.2 Employees:

Communicate the expectations and responsibilities of employees in complying with the policy.
5. Recruitment and Employment Practices

5.1 Age Verification:

Specify procedures for age verification during the recruitment process.
5.2 Working Hours:

Establish appropriate working hours for young workers, considering legal requirements and international standards.
5.3 Hazardous Work:

Clearly prohibit the engagement of children in hazardous work as defined by local regulations.
6. Monitoring and Reporting

6.1 Internal Monitoring:

Detail the organization's internal monitoring mechanisms to ensure compliance with the child labor policy.
6.2 Reporting Mechanisms:

Establish a system for employees to report any concerns related to child labor.
7. Remediation and Corrective Action

7.1 Corrective Action:
Define the steps to be taken in the event of a violation, including corrective actions and measures to prevent recurrence.
8. Communication and Training

8.1 Communication:

Outline the communication strategy for disseminating the child labor policy to employees, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders.
8.2 Training:

Specify the training programs to educate employees and relevant parties on the organization's commitment to preventing child labour.
9. Review and Revision

9.1 Periodic Review:

State the frequency at which the child labor policy will be reviewed to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.
9.2 Revision Process:

Describe the process for revising the policy to address changing circumstances, laws, or stakeholder expectations.
10. Conclusion

10.1 Conclusion:
- Reiterate the organization's commitment to eradicating child labour and creating a safe and ethical working environment.


From India, Bangalore
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