In one of my factory there is incidental work roughly one day in a month
Our some raw materials are coming through rail
For unloading from railway wagon and placing it in plant premises through truck we have engaged one contractor, roughly all materials are unloaded by thirty to forty workmen and within six to seven hours
Here my question is whether we ( company ) should maintain wage register or comply to the PF ESI or not

From India, New Delhi

From the query, I infer that your annual expenses on this count would be Rs. 5-6 lakh and so it would not escape the attention of PF/ESI inspectors when they check your records.
As the Principal Employer it is sufficient that the contractor complies PF & ESI obligations. Ask the contractor to furnish the proof of compliance and keep it in your records. This would be sufficient.

From India, Mumbai

Hi Dixit,
The requirement to maintain wage registers and comply with Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) regulations depends on factors such as the number of employees and the nature of the work. Here are a few points to consider:

Number of Employees: If you regularly engage thirty to forty workmen for unloading materials, you may fall under the purview of labor laws that require compliance with PF and ESI regulations. The exact thresholds for coverage can vary by jurisdiction.

Duration and Frequency of Work:
Even if the work is incidental and occurs roughly one day a month, if you consistently engage a significant number of workers for such tasks, you might still be subject to labour regulations.

Regulations: Labour laws, including PF and ESI:-
It's essential to understand the specific regulations applicable to your location.

Contractual Arrangements: T
The fact that you've engaged a contractor to handle the unloading work doesn't necessarily exempt you from compliance. In some cases, the responsibility for PF and ESI contributions may still fall on the principal employer (your company).

Given these considerations, it would be advisable to consult with a legal professional or labor law expert who can review the specific details of your situation and provide accurate guidance on whether you need to maintain a wage register and comply with PF and ESI regulations. Failure to comply with relevant labor laws could lead to legal consequences and penalties.


From India, Bangalore

My monthly expenses for one day is about seven lacs as transporting through road is a responsibility of contractor
Also this is one day in a month for which unorganised workmen ( who are doing work for different parties in railway siding ) are being engaged by the contractor
This is purely incidental and not related with our plant product
This is raw material unloading from railway track to our factory godown
Hence this question

From India, New Delhi
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