Respected, Please let me know while checking my Directors' PF account; I found his dates of joining EPS Scheme 1971 and EPS Scheme 1995 are missing; will this create any issues in future? He will be retired from PF next month. If it requires any updates, please guide me.
From India, Mumbai

That is not an issue because it is only a technical error i no date is shown as date of joining Pension Scheme. Under the earlier Pension Scheme (Family Pension Scheme) the registration is automatic three months after the date of joining the PF. At the same time, if he was not a member of Family Pension Fund of 1971 but joined after the implementation of Pension Scheme 1995, the same date of joining the PF will be the date of joining Pension Scheme.
From India, Kannur

Hi Pranjaali,

It's important to ensure that the provident fund (PF) details of an employee, especially the date of joining under the Employees' Pension Scheme (EPS), are accurate. Discrepancies or missing information can potentially lead to issues in the future, particularly during the retirement process.

Here are the steps you can take to address this situation:

Contact the Provident Fund (PF) Office:

Reach out to the PF office or the concerned authority responsible for managing the PF accounts.
Inform them about the missing details in the EPS Scheme and request guidance on the necessary steps to update the information.
Provide Supporting Documents:

Gather relevant documents that can verify the correct date of joining under the EPS Scheme, such as appointment letters, salary statements, or any other official documents that indicate the period of employment.
Fill Out Required Forms:

The PF office may have specific forms or procedures for updating details. Obtain the necessary forms and fill them out accurately.
Attach the supporting documents to the forms to substantiate the requested changes.
Submit the Forms:

Submit the completed forms along with the supporting documents to the PF office.
Ensure that the submission is made well in advance before the retirement date to allow sufficient time for processing.
Follow Up:

After submission, follow up with the PF office to check the status of the update.
Ensure that the necessary corrections are made before the retirement date to avoid any delays or complications during the settlement process.
Notify the Employee:

Keep the employee (Director in this case) informed about the progress and any actions required on their part.
It's crucial to address these issues promptly to avoid any complications during the retirement settlement process. Timely and accurate information ensures that the retiree receives the entitled benefits without delays. If there are any specific rules or procedures in your region, make sure to adhere to them while updating the details in the PF account.


From India, Bangalore
On company portal go to the member profile enter UAN and update missing details and then approve missing detail.

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