Dear All, Please confirm daily working hours is per day 8 hrs including lunch break or excluding
From India, Chennai

Dear Member, It is excluding lunch break. R N KHOLA
From India, Delhi

As per the provisions of Factories Act, the worker/ employee is required to work for 48 hrs in a week or 8 hours in a day excluding a break. R R Kapoor Vadodara
From India, Vadodara

If a Company works in three shifts of 8 hours, what would be the lunch hour timings when the factory act says that you can not work more than 5 hours continuously?
From India, Delhi

As per the rules and provisions lunch break timing will be excluding going further you can go through Section 54 of the factories Act 1948,
54. Daily hours.—Subject to the provisions of section 51, not adult worker shall be required or
allowed to work in a factory for more than nine hours in any day

Raghunath Sabat

If a company operates in three shifts of 8 hours each, adhering to the Factory Act's stipulation that no one should work more than 5 hours continuously, the lunch hour timings would typically fall during the 5th hour of each shift. This ensures that employees have a mandatory break for lunch within the specified legal limit.
From India, Mumbai

Dear Alok ji,

Hope you have read the query before replying. Where an 8-hour shift is there and Plant is operating in three shifts, how overlapping of shifts is possible, contrary to the provisions of the Factories Act?


From India, Delhi

8 hrs working hours is excluding lunch break. But there are exceptions when any organization is working in 3 shifts when each shift including lunch break is 8 hrs , otherwise it will be violation of overlapping of shift under Factories Act. Similarly in the same organization employee may work in general shift when 8 hrs working hours will be excluding lunch break as there is no scope of overlapping of shift.

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From India, New Delhi

09 Hours in a day means 08 Hours for working and rest are for the rest/lunch or tea break.
where production stopped and workers/employee leave their workplace and go for the proper lunch in that case we have to exclude the lunch hours from the duty hours. Means total duty Hours will be 08:30 or 09:00 Hours depend on lunch time. ( In mostly company General shift timing is 09:00 to 05:30 or 09 to 06:00, where lunch timing is for 30 minutes then duty will be end at 05:30 and where lunch time is for 01 hour there duty will be off at 06:00 pm). Mostly this shift cover commercial staff as like HR, Account etc. and this type industry called non continuous process.
But in continuous process where machine cannot stopped due to process there mostly shift is for 08 Hours. as like 06:00 to 02:00, 02:00 to 10:00 & 10:00 to 06:00 and have a General shift of the last mentioned.

From India, Rudarpur
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