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Arvind suthar
Hi, My company includes paid leave as part of CTC - can anyone guide me if paid leave is part of CTC or not
From India, Vadodara

Hi, Leave is statutory benefit and cannot be part of CTC.
From India, Madras

CTC is not a statutory concept, so there is wide variation on what is included and what is excluded, it varies from company to company. CTC is Cost To the Company, so anything for which the company is incurring expenses is included. It includes both statutory and voluntary benefits provided to employees by the company.
From India, Mumbai
Agarwal BD

There is no hard and fast rule of what can/cannot be included in CTC. As the term states, any cost incurred by an employer for his/her employee may be included in CTC. Some organization even include non-monitory benefits in CTC but most organizations include monitory items like salary, allowance, PF, Gratuity, Bonus, Incentives, etc
From India, Kolkata

what is my understanding you are talking about the Earn Leave , it cannot be add in CTC because concept for this leave is first earn then avail. Means first any employee have to work 240 days in succeeding year then will eligible according to working days in next year. So how can any company decide in CTC ?
From India, Rudarpur
Lalit Ramesh Tiwari
I agree Earned Leaves are not part of CTC, its a benefit which you earn while working number of days. CTC is not a statutory concept, it is designed by organisation to include cost and which can vary from organization to organization.


Original post is whether paid leave should be part of CTC or not. Now what is paid leave? It may be PL/AL/EL, CL, SL/ML. There is concept of leave encashment in many organizations and usually at the time of leaving the organization employees are paid leave due to the credit of the employee which is in general PL/ AL /EL.

Therefore, leave in the nature of PL / AL / EL is paid to employees. CTC has no legal sanction and no specific definition rather it is organization specific. To my opinion anything spend for employee is part of CTC.

Therefore paid leave should be part of CTC.

S K Bandyopadhyay ( Howrah, WB)
CEO-USD HR Solutions
+91 98310 81531

From India, New Delhi

No and Never, you can not mention Leave amount in CTC annexure. Because employees earn their leave as per provisions of Factory Act and employer have no right to mark/make it as a part of CTC as it is earned by employee.

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