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Dear seniors and experts, We are from the textiles industry, I have some doubts on we can issue the revised appointment letter to the existing employees?,
already we are given in the standard format like employee benefits, working hours. Now we have to issue the revised order which is to be included is 1.Nature of employment (No double employment), 2.Intellectual Property Rights ,3.Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure.

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It is possible to issue further detail service condition not as appointment letter but mentioning :-

" Further to our earlier letter Ref no- dated ------- we would like to inform you the followings:-

mention the items you would like to add.

At the end of the letter you may mention that letter ref no- dated --- (first letter ) and letter ref no -- and dated .......... ( 2nd letter ) both are your service conditions.

S K Bandyopadhyay ( WB, Howrah)
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Respected Nanu, many thanks for your input, then what will be the heading for this letter instead of appointment order,please suggest. Thanks Regards Pandian P
From India, Madurai

You can issue a "Supplementary" order. With this both the letters/ orders will be legally valid.
From India, Kannur

Respected Madhu T K, Noted with thanks. so as my understand we will give the letter in the head of "Supplementary" order. Am i right sir. please acknowledge it Thanks Pandian p
From India, Madurai

Yes. This is a supplementary order in continuation to the one already given. You can do that,
From India, Kannur

Respected sir, Thank you very much for your valuable guidance sir. Regards Pandian P
From India, Madurai


It's great that you're taking steps to update your employment agreements to ensure clarity and protection for both your company and employees. Here's a suggested approach to issuing the revised appointment letter:

Clearly Communicate the Changes:
Begin the letter by stating that it is a revised appointment letter to provide updated terms and conditions of employment.
Reiterate Standard Terms:

Mention that the revised letter includes all the standard terms and conditions of employment, such as benefits, working hours, etc. This serves as a reminder and reassurance that the existing terms remain in effect.
Highlight the Changes:

Clearly outline the specific changes that are being made, i.e., the three points you mentioned:
Nature of employment (No double employment)
Intellectual Property Rights
Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure
Explain the Rationale:

Briefly explain why these changes are being made. For example, you could mention that these additions are necessary to protect the company's interests and ensure compliance with industry standards.
Provide a Deadline for Acceptance:

Specify a reasonable deadline for the employees to review and accept the revised terms. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and gives them an opportunity to seek clarification if needed.
Offer a Point of Contact:

Provide contact information (e.g., HR department or a designated representative) for any questions or concerns regarding the revised appointment letter.
Request Signature and Acknowledgment:

Ask the employees to sign and return a copy of the revised appointment letter as acknowledgment of their understanding and acceptance of the changes.
Maintain Open Communication:

Encourage employees to reach out if they have any questions or need further clarification.
Remember to consult with legal counsel to ensure that the revised terms and conditions comply with local employment laws and regulations. They can also provide guidance on the wording and format of the revised appointment letter.

Lastly, always keep records of the revised appointment letters and the employees' acknowledgments for your records.

Please note that this is a general guideline and it's important to customize it to fit your specific company policies and local legal requirements.


From India, Bangalore

Dear Raghunath_bv , Being happy for your brief and clear instruction for my query, really im very kind and thankful for your valuable time and for your concern on some one query. Regards Pandian P
From India, Madurai

An employer has every right to alter, modify, add, or delete the terms of Offer of Appointment.
In your case, you have already issued appointment letters to your employees. Hence you can not issue another "revised" appointment letter. You can issue as a modification letter to the original appointment letter or a separate letter (giving reference to the original appointment letter already issued) and give details of all terms, you would like to add, and obtain acknowledgement of employees on the copy of letter
and keep in their service records/personal files, alongwith copy of their appointment letters.

'If you want, NDA can be issued as a separate agreement, attaching with the revised letter.

From India, Aizawl
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