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There's no HR for HR.

Consider it: Who does HR go to when having issues? Their own supervisor? Who does HR go to while seeking guidance on the most proficient method to advocate for themselves?

And while some people might argue that HR doesn’t need HR — after all, aren’t they supposed to be the experts on all things work-related? — the truth is a lot more convoluted.

Here are just some of the reasons why being an expert in the People field doesn’t preclude you from needing support:

- It’s easier to advocate for others than yourself. In HR, you spend so much of your time thinking about how to help others, you can forget that you’re an employee who needs support and empowerment, too.

- Things like asking for a raise can get tricky. With more power comes more responsibility, and most HR professionals will be keenly aware of how much access to data they have — and the fear of coming across as abusing that power. I can’t tell you how many HR professionals I’ve talked to who worry about improperly leveraging the information they have when asking for a raise — and end up short-changing themselves as a result.

- Challenges are easier to analyze from the outside. Anyone who’s ever worked with a skilled HR partner or executive coach knows that eureka moment where you realize how obvious the solution was all along — and how wildly you danced around it until a good coach helped nudge you in the right direction.

- Sometimes, you just need someone to check in on you and show support. Yep — even HR.

HR teams often deal with difficult and emotionally draining challenges daily.

Article took from LinkedIn (posted by Nisha Thakran Senior Human Resource Executive )

Thought worth sharing.

From India, Madras
Agm - Hr&admin
International Corporate Trainer / Hr (od)
Founder & Director, V K Dynamic Leadership


After all, it is human feelings at work. When interacting with fellow colleagues, or with people from other departments, your job role does not matter. HR people can and should interact with other colleagues, employees who carry the same wavelength to share their feelings, emotions success, failures, challenges etc and get ideas or suggestions. Best wishes...
From India

Dear All,

HR team deals with the feelings and emotions of all Employees to get desired results. They have to make a balance between employees' and management's requirements. They have worked with integrity, the values of the organisation and the needs of the Business.

They are supposed to provide support to the employee's well-being, growth and work-life balance. Sometimes they have to take tough decisions in the interest of business with a bigger perspective.

The HR team is also a human being but has excess to manage the situation with the HR policy and rules and regulations of the organisation. They must keep avoiding favouritism, nepotism and unwanted networking in the organisation.

Kind regards,

From India, Delhi
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