I am currently serving notice period with a company where I have worked for just 2 months and I am serving the notice period of two weeks as I was still on probation. I feel although I have worked for just 2 months this experience still adds value to my resume but my friends suggest me otherwise. Should I add it or not? your thoughts please
From India, Hyderabad
Labour Law & Hr Consultant
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Why are you leaving the current company just after serving 2 months ?

You can show 2 months experience in the Resume but should have some valid reasons for leaving the company in 2months time frame. Even if you hide it, if you are covered under PF with current company then through PF UAN your future employer will come to know about it.

Again to reiterate 2 months is very short period to leave a Company which will not be a good move in your career graph.

From India, Madras
The work doesn't interest me and I feel I am taking a salary but not adding any value in return, so I want to be nice to the company by quitting so that they can hire someone else who will be interested to contribute back in return of the salary they are paying. Do you suggest I stay back and keep taking salary from them but not add any value to the company?
From India, Hyderabad

Hi, Before joining the Company you should analyze and decide whether the work will be enthusiastic and challenging for you. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
From India, Madras

Dear friend,

In addition to the observation of our learned friend Mr.V.M.L, I would also like to state that employment is at will only is the universal fact. That's why a unilateral exit clause is added to the terms of the contract of employment subject to certain conditions. So long as separation stands formalized on the fulfilment of the exit conditions, the particular tenure irrespective of its duration and status becomes the inseparable part of the career history of the employee concerned. Therefore, no need to hide or skip it just because the particular job was not of interest to you. Of course, some other prospective employer may ask the reason for it so as to make sure that you are not a job-hopper and get assured of your continued stay in his organization. In that case, your answer should be very positive and more convincing of the current job applied for rather than casting aspersions on the previous organization from where you quit during the phase of probation itself.

From India, Salem

Sir I can see where you are coming from as when someone leaves a job in a short period it definitely increases work for HR as you need to hire a replacement but this also raises questions on how effectively are companies using the exit interviews to improve their workplaces

By analyze I will presume you mean I should have read the job description properly before signing up for the job but the real question, how can one get know the reality of a job before joining it? The job description always present a rosy picture but the facts always differ from paper, for instance the job description did not show these things in my case:-

#I won't be given any training/support and no learning curve
#The reporting manager gives a deaf ear to concerns and does not support in any manner, rather he is always micro-managing & increasing the work pressure which is the reason I have lost interest to perform my job.
#There have been similar complaints on the reporting manager in the past but no action taken against him due to his solid networking with the management & HR teams
#Prior to me four people have resigned from this role in the last 2 years

From India, Hyderabad
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