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Hi All,

My Company's policy on separation is
"Should the employee desire to leave the Company at any time, the permanent employee will be required to give 3 (three) months’ notice in writing to the Company or 3 (three) months basic salary in lieu thereof. If employee decide to leave the company by paying notice pay, then he must bear the tax liability. The Company also reserves the right to terminate the services of an employee if he/she is guilty of any misconduct or breach of duty, without any notice period."

I resigned after discussing with my management stating that I will be serving 1 month of notice period, Manager gave me a way out of early release and buyout, if as soon as your replacement joins you can leave after 1 week of joining.
I shared a candidature on same day of my resignation who is perfect fit for my role and he was able to join within a week as he was already serving his notice period. After 1 week of my resignation I asked for update on his candidature, they have not yet started the recruitment process. Upon discussing with management they said it usually take 2 months for a new hire. I was shocked as my other offer is withdrawn in case I don't join at the specified date. I shared this information with management and now they are not ready to release me early or even retain me. They want me to serve notice period of 3 months and leave. Even there is no clause on

Looking at above scenario because I shared the candidature and now it seems like they don't give a damm about this, I am confused what to do. I am thinking of dropping a final email on my last working date, including HR and asking them to share the exit formalities and I can be contacted on my personal email id for F&F and reliving letter.

What are the chances that company can hold my reliving letter and is there any way I can get it from them?
Is it advisable to join other company if my current company is neither reliving me or retaining me?

What are my options? Please advise.

From India, Pathalgaon

From your narration it seems that the assurances received by you may not work out.

So you can strictly follow your company policy on separation, to buy out notice period
by depositing three months salary and have a smooth exit and join your prospective

From India, Aizawl

You need to pursue with the management to accept your buy back offer. The management cannot be compelled to accept the same, only your words and approach can change them. At the same time you pursue with the new employer to postpone the joining. Both are herculean tasks but you have no option. Is your new organisation ready to take you without the relieving order?. In case they are ready, you can abandon the existing job and inform the present employer clearly so.
From India, Mumbai

But Manager is not ready to release me early neither letting me Buy-out the remaining notice period.
And without his approval HR is not agreeing to let me buy out. They confirmed that they have not yet received my resignation.

I am confused now and don't want to be unemployed.

From India, Pathalgaon
@KK! HR What are the consequences of abandon/abscond ? If not in next organization, asking for future
From India, Pathalgaon
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