Hello Friends,
I am Deepti,working with an BPO as an Employee Engagement Personnel.
I want to introduce new events and fun related activities in my organisation,in other words employee engagement activities.
Hope to get some cool tips.

From United States
Hi Deepti
There are a number of activities that one can do to keep the team bonding strong. let me tell you one activity to start with.
1. Ask all employees or process/team wise to get one of their baby pictures.
2. Paste all these pics on a chart paper with out mentioning the names of the people.
3. conduct a vote for the cutest baby.
4. once the voting is done, display the baby pic along with the adult pic.
Try it out and let me know what respone it generates

From India, Gurgaon
You can introduce fun board in your floor shop, so your employees can pin up their colleagues candid pics, posters, their paintings, hot news, fun news. Try it out
From India, Madras
HI ,
There are no. of projects running in any organizations, poeple work under their respective projects without having any knowledge of one another. You organize such knowledge sharing sessions voluntary inviting speakers from such project & can have a 1 hour or 2 hours, etc. on each week.
This will enhance employee's knowldege & increase their morale.

From India, New Delhi
You can ask all the employees to share how they are commuting to workplace and then you can tell them what precautions they can take while travelling. They can share their any good or bad experiences during travelling. By this way you will be able to engage them and can give yhem some valuable tips for travel safety.

From India, Mumbai
Engagement Activities

Initial recruit and induction

Pitching of organization Website

First day


Goal Setting


Communications activities

Communication forums to Provide Regular feedback to all people,Including Team meetings, Conference and "away days"

In-house Magazines

On-line Communication s, Including Discussion boards and blogs by Company Personnel

Including Senior management

Monthly updates on Corporate goals and directions

Regular Employee Opinion And satisfaction

Active Soliciting Of Employee Feedback Including Opinion And Pet peeves

Reward schemes

Compensation and benefit program.

Stock and profit sharing

Recognition program.

Idea collection schemes linked to rewards for idea generation

Long service and good performance awards

Culture of the organizational

Clear and humane HR policies

Pro-social corporate objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility

Equal opportunities policies and practices

Initiatives to maintain the quality of work life and a balance between personal/professional lives.

Developing a safe, clean and inspiring work environment

Demonstrating a Commitment to Employees’ well being

Team building activities

Small team recreational activities, such as bowling, skating, trips to the cinema (or the pub!)

Community outreach activities such as volunteering and fund-raising.

Social activities, such as family gatherings.

Leadership development activities

Effective Leadership

Fair Evaluation of performance

Empowerment through effective delegation

Coaching and mentoring activities to give honest feedback by supervisors and peers

An open and transparent culture to empower people and develop entrepreneurs

Hope this helps you all.....



From India, Mumbai
Hi, Deepti
To the activity mentioned by Parvathy, you can add a small write up about the person or write answers to 10-15 rapidfire questions like your petname, your hobby, you fear, you love, you cherish, etc..... the most creative & whackiest answers can get a prize!
Worth a try?
all the best,

From India, Mumbai
i have got an idea
it seems simple but requires hard work in creating that
u have to make short stories and no sentence of it should be interconnected like say santa & banta were college friends they studied history. tuglaq was a great king
in chak de the girls called Sharukh khan Tiqlag santa was confused foe his post graduation and so on
this was easiest i could tell u
u have to prepare it recite to the audience and ask them to recite it back
try it
and tell me the response
another idea is using lateral thinking pictures quiz which u can place on the notice board tooo

From India, Pune
Few EE Ideas...
1. Organize a cooking competition
Organize a food mela and have teams prepare different dishes and sells to other teams. The one that does maximum sales wins.
2. Recognize Who's that?
Create a puzzle around an individual, send key/peculiar features about an individual on your floor and let them identify who is being talked about?
3. Create tongue twisters and mixed up news and ask employees to unfold individual pieces of news
Do post how do these work...

From India, New Delhi
u can try doing the following,,,,

let me know how it works


From India, Pune

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