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Hi, I am working in a well-known MNC for the past 8 yrs. in 8 years I was never given any promotion. About 2 weeks ago, I dropped my papers as I had got an offer from a multinational Bank in Hyd.

The manager called and asked me the reason for my resignation. I told him that my main reasons are promotion and low salary. He said he will speak with the senior management team and push my case for promotion. A few days later he says, promotion cant happen as you had less rating last year. The next day, HR calls up and asks for the reasons of my resignation. I again tell HR the same reasons. She says she will get back to me. The following day, she asks me to provide the offer letter. I am startled as till now in my 13 yrs of exp no one has ever asked for the offer letter. She sends me a reminder and asks me for the offer letter.

Last week, I got a call from my manager asking if I could share the offer letter and also list my achievements for the following year. He says now the control for promotion is in the hands of HR. He says now they are ready to give promotion as well as match the salary.
I am in a dilemma whether to provide the offer letter or not. If I was so indispensable for the org, why didn't they promote me till now? Why didn't HR call me till now?
Is it good to accept a counteroffer? I am really flummoxed.

Can anyone please help? It's very urgent.

From India, Hyderabad
Vaishalee Parkhi
Hr Consultant & Trainer
Insolvency N Gst Professional
Nagarkar Vinayak L
Hr And Employee Relations Consultant

Vaishalee Parkhi


You seem to be confused under this situation - perhaps, you did not expect this to happen. While what decision you take is totally your personal call, I would also suggest to think about the other company whose offer you have already accepted. Will it not be unprofessional that you used their offer letter to seek the hike with present employer? Moreover, once you submit your offer letter to present company, they will know your silent consent to stick with them.

Think twice on what you think appropriate for you. All the best!

From India, Pune
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Colleague,

You are in the present organisation for last 8 years and it did not find you promotion worthy.

Now you want to quit, and suddenly they seem to wake up and find merit in you. Again opinion between your reporting manager and HR is flip flopping.

In my opinion, you should neither give your offer letter nor accept their offer however lucrative they may make it. Reason being their HR policies lack any sound logic and enduring values and appear to conveniently bend backwards to suit the situation.

Besides, it will be highly unethical to ditch the new company, which has found your worth and are willing to invest money on you. Think rationally and don't get carried away by temptations and act accordingly.

Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai

Counter offer is mere strategy to prevent exit of an experienced employee.
I would not show letter of other organisation to my current employer.
Take peaceful exit and move on with new organisation.
You have skills and capacities,use them to grow in new place,while respecting your current organisation.
whole thing appears to be a case of dillydallying and flip flops.HR policies cannot be so flexible that one day some thing is told and another day something else is tailormade.

From India, Pune

There is no worth to share the offer letter to present HR, rather you stick to your resignation. You send reply to the reminder that you are no more interested to work further and the offer letter is a purely personal matter and there is no need to list my achievements for the following year. Do not believe the sweet tongue. The promotion is a departmental matter the HOD decides with HR to whom promotion are due as well increment. You better not to remain in a dilemma and stick to your decision to leave for new job.
From India, Mumbai
Dear member, understand your concerns.
The million-dollar question is what do you want?
What is good for you not just today but for a very long term - say 10 years from now. Take a holistic view, do not pay the cost for the present company's mistakes or their HR.
In the same company, you may save the cost of re-establishing yourself.

Also, check on Prospects available in both the companies
How far are you enjoying your work - do they have work of your interest too?
Any other issues if you are facing any in the current company

Remember it is your career, future, and life, so do what you think is good for you.

From India , Mumbai
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