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Dear Team, Kindly share your view in the following query.

We are the main contractor to supplying manpower supply to manufacturing unit at Maharashtra. We have engaged subcontractors to supply the workers to our client and three employees are deployed to monitor our subcontractors. At present, we have 49 nos. including our employees. Now our client asking to increase the manpower to 15 to 20 manpower.

As per Maharashtra State, 5o or more workers engaged in any industry are required to take the labor license. Hence, we request the client to issue Form V under the name of our subcontractor. The client issues a Form V to us instead of our subcontractor name. Kindly, I request you share your views about issuing only Form V Contractors or Contractors subcontractors.

Regards, S Mahadevan

From India, Chennai

Dear S Mahadevan
1. Under the Contract Labour Act two parties are existing one is Principal Employer(owner of the establishment) and the other one is the Contractor (who engages workmen or perform the work on contract).
2. To comply with the act, the principal employer takes registration for engagement of labour or work through contractor.
3. On the basis of the registration, the principal employer issues Form V to contractor for obtaining labour license to engage workmen(20 or 50 as the case may be) under him to perform work.
4. To engage contractor the principal employer issued work order( work & cost details with terms & conditions).
5. Therefore, the Principal employer is least concerned from whom you are taking the manpower supply to perform his allotted work. The PE shall held you responsible for violation of the terms of work order. The subcontractor is your baby than of the principal Employer.
In this case the conduct of your client is right and justified to issue Form V to you instead of your subcontractors.

From India, Mumbai
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