Dear Sir/Madam,
I am joined as an Assistant HR Manager in a big hospital. Here they don't have proper JD or SOP for the HR Department. Earlier they were working as Time Office and now they have given me the authority to set up HR Department. what should be the Job Description for Assistant Manager HR, in a charitable trust hospital and medical university, which has 3000+ employees?

From India, Nagpur
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mr Chetan Gore,

If you have been given a task to set up the HR department then no need to rush to prepare the JD for the HR Department. Talk to your bosses and find out what they expect from the HR Department in general and from you in particular. After all fulfilment of the expectations of the management is important. Secondly, you can take feedback from the HODs on their expectations from the HR Department. Their support is also important.

The HR Department is all about records management. Therefore, revamping the record management process should be your priority.

By the way, there are better ways to write the posts in this forum. Therefore, before you upload the post, you may check the grammar. Compared with MS Word, the grammar check of Google Doc is better. Use it to improve your posts.

General Comments: - The originator of this post says that there are 3,000 employees in his hospital. However, all along it functioned without a proper HR Department. This speaks volumes on the mindset of the business owners, their attitude toward HR function, etc. If the hospital has been run without the HR department then the chaos that it has created in the administration can be imagined. Going further, the newly appointed HR professionals raise a post on the public forum even to know his Job Description (JD). The management has not appointed any consultant to guide him.

Our business owners are voluble most in the public forum in lamenting how the labour laws impede the growth of the business. Nevertheless, if the businesses operate without implementers of the labour laws then it is just unimaginable how the labour laws must have been short shrift!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
John Chiang

Further to Dinesh Divekar comments above, I'd like to provide some ideas for this JD for reference, hope it helps.
Job Title
Hospital Assist. HR Manager
Assists plans, implements, coordinates, and assesses hospital accident, fire prevent, and occupational safety and health programs under general direction of hospital officials by performing the following duties.
Assists HR develop and recommend new procedures and approache to safety and loss prevention based on reports of incidents, accidents, and other data gathered from hospital personnel.
Assists disseminate HR information to department heads and others regarding toxic substances, hazards, carcinogens, and other safety information.
Assists department heads and administrators in enforcing safety regulations and codes.
Assists measure and evaluate effectiveness of safety program, using established goals.
Assists conduct building and grounds surveys on periodic and regular basis to detect code violations, hazards, and incorrect work practices and procedures.
Assists develop and review safety training for hospital staff.
Assists maintain HR administrative control of records related to safety and health programs.
Assists HR Manager prepare and disseminate memos and reports.
Assists HR Manager maintains required records.
Thanks and regards,
John Chiang

From China, Shanghai

Forgive my curiosity, but if there is no job description, on what basis did they hire you?
What questions were you asked in the interview? What skills and abilities were you expected to have to take this non-existant job? It beggars belief that a hospital with 3000 people on staff has no HR department, and no management capable of understanding what is required to run the people management side of the business.
As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, this sort of nonsense is what bedevils recruitment and selection in India today. Some of the stories I read here on CiteHR about bizarre recruitment practices are truly mind blowing.

From Australia, Melbourne
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