I have one query related to appraisal & maternity leave. I am working in an organization since JAN 2017 and appraisal was done in July but our company has not done my appraisal as they are saying as I am going on maternity leave form December so they said that they will pay 6 month salary to me for my Maternity Leave.
I want to know can I do something in this matter as my manager even did not informed me and they did appraisal for all staff except me I came to know by some of my college about this. Please let me know Can I complaint against the company for not doing my appraisal?

From India, Gurgaon
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sandhya,
Your Manager as well as HR needs to be educated that the Performance Appraisal (PA) is done for the preceding period of the performance cycle. It cannot be linked to the future activity of the employee. In the PA, the discussion is done on the attainment of the KRAs that were assigned to the employee at the beginning of the performance cycle.
Though you have not said directly, a priori deduction can be that if the PA is done, then your organisation will be forced to increase the salary. They could be thinking that why waste few thousands when the employee is proceeding on a long leave? However, this is a narrow-minded view.
What is the performance cycle in your company? When the PA is done and when the salary increase comes into effect? You may put up application for conducting your PA. Address the application to the MD of your company. Let us wait for his decision.
By the way, PA and salary increase are the issues that are out of purview of labour laws. As long as employee gets salary above the minimum wages, labour laws are fine with it. Therefore, there cannot be legal redressal of your grievance. It has to be settled internally.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

You have rightly advised by the learned member in the columns. Why do you want to commit suicide when the company has indicated that they are giving you the salary for 6 months and once you are back you may get the appraisal and salary revision [two entirely different] if it works for mutual benefit.
Take adequate rest and come back in the right spirits in such a way that the company will notice and keep you interested on long term basis. Think broad and be positive.
Thanks and Regards

From India, Hyderabad
Ms. Vishwas

Hi Sandhya,
A very same incident took place last year in my company. We didn't gave the appraisal to one of our pregnent employee becasue we were not sure if she will join back after maternity leave. When she joined back we gave her a good hike and she is working with us happily.
I shared this incident here just to tell you to be positive. Sometimes management and HR team do not express but they have good plans for you.

From India, Delhi

Hi Sandhya,
As rightly pointed there is no legal obligation on the Employer to conduct appraisals for all employees.
Most Management try to save on Manpower costs by avoiding increasing salary of those employees going on long leave/ Maternity leave. However, you have been informed by the Management that they would pay you six months' Maternity Leave, so why do you wish to risk losing the same by giving Management wrong signals.
Be patient, relax, recuperate and come back from your Maternity leave with apositive frame of mind, and then ask fro your appraisal to be done.
Wish you all the best for your delivery.
R. H. Kavarana
HR Manager

From India, Mumbai
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