Dear sir
I have worked in a company from 2014 and resigned on august 2017. The company is in a verge of winding up and I realized they have not paid my PF since 2016 October. In this case can i withdraw my PF? Before leaving I got my employer signed in form 19 and 10 c but they requested some time to put my PF I am in need of money and they don't seem to put my contribution. In this case can i submit these forms putting my resignation date as september 2016 (as this is the last PF paid date by employer) and withdraw the money? Will this cause trouble for me or my employer? I dont want to put them in trouble but I at least need the PF they paid. Suppose what if they put my contribution after i withdraw my pf this way. Will i be able to get that balance amount on a later date?Kindly advise.

From India, Tiruchi

Hello there,
company is no where to stop your PF withdrawn, if you know your epfo credentials you can also with draw in online with the help of your company digital signature. you said your company is not contributing from oct 2016, what is the reason of not contributing ? if the contribution is stopped for 2 months, you are eligible to apply for PF, in your case you are eligible to apply PF from jan 2017 on wards. while submitted your form 10c you have to give your bank details, so your PF can be deposited directly to your bank.
if your company is winding up, make sure the employers contribution is there before you withdraw, if your employer is not responding on your PF, you can directly go to labor court and file a petition towards your company.
if you think you dont want to trouble to your company people, leave this case because this is a mutual concern, you and company officials have to participate.
you also mention your contribution and company contribution are different, when with draw the amount, both contributions has to be come in one account.

From India, Hyderabad
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What if company is intentionally no paying both employee and employer contribution?
From India, Bangalore
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