can a employee refuse to work, which is not mention in his role and responsibility? what can a company do if such a situation exist.
From India, Meerut
Dear Rajesh, Please don’t do that for the sake of your job. otherwise your employer will show you the highway.
From India, Pune
Dear Rajesh,
What exactly is the issue? Does the query pertains to you or you have raised it on behalf of someone? What is your designation and in what department do you work?
When given a chance to work in some another department or section, then is it not beneficial for the employee as his/her knowledge gets enhanced. Even then also why the query is raised that has legal undertone?
By working in some another department or section, will the career opportunities grow or diminish or will not have any significant value?
From the management side, I would say that they have failed to motivate an employee to take up new role or responsibility. If the proper career path is shown, many employees accept the new role. There is difference between "ordering" and "influencing", that is what many leaders fail to understand.
For Aniket: - It appears that you have jumped the gun. Let us never offer a solution unless we understand the case completely. First understand then be understood is one of the habits that Stephen Covey has taught us. Let us not forget it.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

What is the role and designation?
What is the nature of job offered which you feel does not fall in your charter of duties as you understand.
It needs careful analysis to decide whether job is so far from your responsibilities that you are thinking in legal terms of refusal.
Give more details to explain your issue than others can comment and advice.

From India, Pune
Dear Dinesh Sir,
What you are saying is absolutely right and I will keep that in mind. But, in my defense; I was Just answering this Raw question.."can a employee refuse to work, which is not mention in his role and responsibility? what can a company do if such a situation exist."
Nothing is specifically mentioned in the question... If a marketing person is asked to do the work of housekeeping , I will surely advise one should not.
But, If someone gives you the work which may not be mentioned in your JD or JS but related to your profile you have to do it. Now, My Answer was for the second case and for the word "Refusal to work".

From India, Pune
Whats Wrong in Learning Something new and master it..
Organisations need their employees to perform across the departments at times.
Employee be motivated enough to take new challenges and learn if opportunities be given.
Having said this it is also important to review ones own self to understand why the change in role took place, is it that the need of company management or is it due to under performance or is it due to behavioral issues.
Team work and amicability is always seen in the work environment.
Role and responsibilities if not mentioned That doesn't mean that one can simply refuse, it is called as your core Job, but apart from that if required company can ask some other work to be done with in the scope of company timings and employee capacity.
Cleaning my own office table is not my work and neither it is mentioned in roles and responsibility, but what is wrong if I clean it by myself.
It all about how you perceive, and attitude towards the work. #+ve Attitude is important

From India, Vadodara

It is difficult to answer the query unless it is in full. If the work is related, even remotely, maybe the employer has the right to get it done through the employee and the roles and responsibilities are not slot machines wherein all your tasks will be put in one or the other place. There are many which are incidental to the job and one has to do it. Issue arises when a purely technical person is given something irrelevant or purely administrative in nature and that too as a routine work for him/her. Employee concerned can raise a diplomatic objection by speaking to the person delegating such work or to the higher authority, as the case maybe. Before refusing just think and understand if the employer is testing your all-round capability and humility in taking up work or trying to undermine your skills .
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Rajesh,
We do not know exactly why you seek advice on ' refusal' to work as new assignment is not a part of the role and responsibility.
You are advised to check with your appointment letter, what it is speak off. Is there any line/clause scripted in that "you may, during the course of your employment, be given any new assignment arising out of company's business that the company, in its subjective judgement feels is absolute".
In this context it would be better on the part of employee to discuss with his department head with a positive mind. That the he is not refusing rather showing his inability as he considers him self not confindent to handle the new assignment, since having no exposure or not academicaly qualified. Rather as an out come the employee shall be treated non-productive, which will hamper the career growth as well as the work of the company. If you(DH) still consider that self is the best choice at this juncture. Then you will put best effort but want a supportive hand from the management.
In this connection many members have given their positive note to your querry for the understanding, you consider what would be the best.

From India, Mumbai
It is always preferable to be friendly and flexible.
Before you jump to make this a formal go by the rule type of response, first understand what is being expected, and why you would'nt want to do it. If it is a task that would not add value to you or inappropriate for your skill and experience, try to handle with apt.
One way would be to perform that task once very well, get it acknowledged and the next time politely inform that you would want to focus on responsibilities at hand and try to find out why this is being assigned to you regularly, in your opinion who should be doing it, and why it is not being assigned to them.
If the assignment is making you feel hurt, try to understand what is going on.
Management usually assigns work to people who they think are confident of delivering. If they are assigning you irrelevant work, or work that you consider low profile, may be you are not being friendly and favoured. Try to work on that. Assertions quoting rules, roles and responsibilities may not lead you to favourable response.

From India, Bengaluru
If an employee refuses to do a job other than his role ,employer cannot force him to do ,as at the time of selection ,employer definitely speak about his roles and responsibility of a particular position and if the appointment letter also mentioned the designation.
But as an employer one can ask employee to do a particular job other than his role,but it has some manner to ask,not by forcing .There are many other ways to make the employee to do a particular job other than his role here comes the way of talking to employee,how the bond between employee and employer,reorganization given to employee,remuneration these all things

From India, Bangalore

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