Oceanic Pharmachem: Following HR Best Practices to achieve Organizational Goals
Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) understands that HR best practices can have a monumental impact on the companyís growth.
Even with current standards of education and training, companies are still facing skill shortages, talent crunch and attrition. Time and again, itís a reminder that the internal customer is now as important as the external customer. This necessitates that every company devises best HR practices to have the best talent.
HR best practices are functional activities and strategic plans that enable improved services to employees and increased profitability for the employer. They do more than just improve efficiency; they renovate entire operations. Today, the HR department is coping with an array of new problems: the growth of global markets, rapid creation of new technologies, skill gaps in critical positions, and increased productivity demands. These have become the building blocks which will help HR leaders deliver the best possible business decisions.
Talent Development
The main focus for most organizations is talent management and talent development, particularly the managerial and technical roles being the difference makers. The major reason to focus on talent is that it can get the HR function into a broader discussion about the next step for the organization and the consequent business strategy. It is possible to develop the right talent in order to implement successful strategies. Understanding the availability of talent in combination with the knowledge about its criticality for the business strategy should lead to a more interactive relationship between the strategic choices of the organization and the talent training and management.
HR Automation
Human resources software is on the rise for almost every organisation. The automation of everyday processes has made difficult tasks much less painful. Where HR is concerned, automation has literally put the human back in human resources by freeing up more time to spend strategizing with the companyís leadership, finding and securing top talent and working with employees. Usage of workforce analytic tools like employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, 360-degree review software, and social media, make it easy to track, analyze and share people data that is crucial to the companyís bottom-line. It is important that HR leaders be proficient in such analytics to cater to web tracking; effective evaluation and management of employee performance, attendance and behaviour; talent management and acquisition; learning and development; HR findings. Automation can be very helpful to the needs of large recruitment teams handling numerous open positions across locations.
HR as Business Partners
Human resources professionals no longer function behind the scenes and their in-depth knowledge of the workforce has made them invaluable members of the team, especially when it comes to the decision-making process. Human resource leaders make ideal business partners because they have insight that no one else in the company has: about individual employees and the workforce as a whole. HR functions to deliver value-added service to management and employees that reflects the business
objectives of the organization. HR opinions carry greater weight with senior management, with provided data being incorporated into creating business strategy. To deliver the best, HR professionals need to effectively and efficiently assess employees.
Training and Development
The best HR practices include keeping an eye on how to train existing employees internally and dedicate a substantial part of the company budget to research and development. This means hiring workers who can act as skill trainers and instructional leaders. Itís crucial to focus on individual talents during the search for training candidates, so as to match skilled leaders with an interest in and a talent for teaching. It is imperative to make sure that the trainers picked are born teachers, rather than experienced project managers or product developers, which can help avoid future frustration and lack of productivity.
Constant Innovations
The importance of diversity and the need for HR to make a concerted effort to recruit outside the defined parameters, will help to gain a new and different perspective of the usual order of business. The key to a defining edge is being Innovative and trying to figure out a way to do something better than itís ever been done before. Innovation only comes as a result of change, which is not possible without rocking the proverbial boat. Also, the value of empathy and emotional intelligence, in relating to colleagues, job candidates, and new employees should never be underestimated.
A convergence of best practices of different companies in different HR areas, will benefit the larger community to become more competitive in the global market.

From India, Mumbai
Babu Alexander

Above all now a days, every line Managers should understand the Human Relations concept. The HR Manager plays an important roll to train and make the line managers to understand the HR concept. I strongly believe that 80% of the HR /IR problem arises inside shop floor only. Line managers are working / pressured by the top management on target / performance management. (unless the performance management systems is incorporated and taken into consideration of human values, systems and procedures) To achieve the target mostly we tend to ignore the working conditions, situations, procedures, systems, and the result the workmen are totally confused.
From India, Madras

Here are the Top Ten HR Practices that can help you achieve your organizational goals every year.
1. Safe, Healthy And Happy Workplace
2. Open Book Management Style
3. Performance Linked Bonuses
4. 360 Degree Performance Management Feedback System
5. Fair Evaluation System
6. Knowledge Sharing
7. Highlight Performers
8. Open House Discussions And Feedback Mechanism
9. Rewards
10. Delight Employees With The Unexpected

From India
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