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richa kumari1107

What can be the best suitable answer for the question "why do you want to change your current job?" or "reason for job change"
From India, Delhi

Vertical progression encompassing job-enrichment and defined career path with best employer. These are the reasons for one changing the job.
From India, Tiruchirappalli
richa kumari1107

Thank you sir for writing. I would you to request you to elaborate more in this thread.
From India, Delhi
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Ruchi,
It is difficult to give' one fit all' answer to this question as there are several genuine reasons for a job change.
Most important is you must sound genuine in stating reasons and avoid any put on.
You should be frank and candid in putting forward one or more reasons like more salary, role change, larger role , reputed company, flexible working hours etc which are true reasons in your case.
The crux is you should be able to make the interviewer believe in you.
Vinayak Nagarkar

From India, Mumbai
Venkata Vamsi Krishna Patnaik

Dear Richa Kumari,
I have not noticed such a pompous answer in Indian context as suggested by our friend Narasimhan, but they give different answers.
Mostly quote career growth, less increment, family issues (relocating to a nearby place) ,personal problems.

From India, Hyderabad
richa kumari1107

Dear Venkata Vamsi Krishna sir, Kindly, elaborate the answer. I want to know more about this thread. Your answer may be helpful.
From India, Delhi
Johny Jacob

You can answer it short in a single liner as described below.
Dear Sir,
I would like to enrich myself with more experience in a different work environment to enhance my skillsets and making myself more competitive as a professionally skilled employee making a valuable asset to the organization I am hired.

From India, Kochi
Dear Si, Greeting of the day & Happy New Year!!! I want to ask that how can we judge a candidate for right fit and how can I do negotiation for salary. Regards Yogita Joshi
From India, Delhi

In a job interview best policy is to be honest.
Never crib about your boss or bad mouth your company.
Have a pre planned, authentic response.
Answers can range from: I am looking for a new challenge in my career, learning a new industry or focus area, or needing to find a new job because of relocation—those are easily relatable answers.
New stage in career or what you want to create through this job etc are also good answers.
If you have studied the new company well and are aware of some specific problem try to relate your skills to those problems and how you can sort them out.
But be very careful and diplomatic in this line of answers.
This kind of question is common about why you want to leave your current job,so need to have realistic and honest answer is paramount in your pre interview preparations.

From India, Pune

Dear Richa
the possible reasons for a job change could be as following-
Career Growth
Change of work profile
Change of place of working( the present company transferring you to a location which you do not like)
you want a more challenging assignment
Salary growth
You should be as honest in answering this question as possible, and try to avoid giving last one ( salary growth) as the answer ( though in most of the cases this could be one of the main reason for job change)

From India, Delhi
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