Hello Everyone,

In my office, there is a topic which is shared across all employees in every month. This time the topic is on "Clarity". I have already shared "5steps to gain clarity in your life & reach goal". Require some more ideas on how I can present this topic more creatively to our employees.

Please suggest what all innovative ideas I can share to explain clarity?

Also, please suggest some books, links, websites from which I can refer the topic.

Need the help ASAP.


13th November 2017 From India, Mumbai

Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
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Dear anonymous,

Definition of the word clarity is free from obscurity and easy to understand OR the comprehensibility of clear expression. The definition of obscurity is the state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate information.

Therefore firstly, to bring clarity, one needs to adhere to the principles of communication. Please note that body language is not included in the principles of communication. Clarity is lost when the principles of communication are not adhered to.

Secondly, to bring clarity, one needs to understand the barriers of communication. Therefore, you may include this topic in your presentation.

Thirdly, to bring clarity, one has to adhere to the definitions taught in the school or college. People do not bother to refer dictionary, encyclopedia, technical or reference manuals, specific law or act, international convention etc and yet communicate their viewpoint. This is dangerous and time wasting too. For example:

Click here to refer how I have clarified definition of trainee and apprentice.

Click here to refer how I have clarified definition of stipend and salary.

Fourthly, clarity also suffers because lack of subject knowledge. To bring clarity, person must do threadbare study of the subject and then communicate. People brag about the length of their service or experience, education qualification but their imperiousness takes them away from clarity.

Lastly, there are various types of biases. If the person is under the influence of bias, then clarity is bound to get affected. Therefore, it is utmost important to ask whether the person who is communicating or recipient is free from bias.

By the way gentleman, you wanted members of this forum to advise you and that too "ASAP", but while raising this post, you have concealed your identity! Clarity is antithesis of anonymity. Why you are afraid to disclose your identity?


Dinesh Divekar
13th November 2017 From India, Bangalore
Mr. Dinesh, thank you for your quick response to my query. Much appreciated. I would consider your points on my topic and would further do research on the same.

I am thinking on where exactly clarity can be more useful for employees.
Example- Clarity in your thoughts, perception etc.

I was planning to present this concept through lessons learned from various companies who gain success after understanding heir clarity towards goals or lessons learned on clarity from some bollywood inspirational movies.

Thank you once again.
13th November 2017 From India, Mumbai
Dear Dinesh,

I am digressing from the topic and answering your question. Please read the paper, on why bloggers seek anonymity, at http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc...=rep1&type=pdf
13th November 2017 From United Kingdom
Dear Annonymous,
You require some insight on the topic of "Clarity". In my suggestion, you need to discuss the topic of CLARITY in your day-to-day business. How your work or business are being suffered in absence of Clarity on different matters.

First of all we must understand what the word Clarity means & how does it influences our day to day life may be at work place or home.

The clarity in simple sence, which gives a clear cut information and removes our confusion. The following words are used in place of clarity but for different ocassion:
Synonyms of CLARITY
clearness, limpidity, limpidness, lucency, translucence, translucency, transparency, brightness, brilliance, effulgence, luminosity, luminousness, definition, resolution, sharpness,apparentness, observability, visibility,simplicity, explicitness, lucidity, lucidness, perspicuity, perspicuousness, incision, incisiveness,directness, forthrightness, openness, straightforwardness,readability, readableness,comprehensibility, intelligibility, legibility
You choose some words which best suits to your purpose and set real example of the establishment, belive me would give best result.
16th November 2017 From India, Mumbai
Dear Annonymous,

Nice to have view off yours , in addition the above we can also add some further points which bring clarity in our life as well as business, firstly we need to under stand what in suitable step to next for our last action/future planning , in combination of long term & short term.
we can also add topic listed below to understand clarity in details,

objectives alignments
Feed back feed forwarding
all brings clarity in our job responsibilities .....................................
17th November 2017 From India, New Delhi
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