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International Mktg manager
Hello Everyone! This is Vaishali and I work for a export import company. My company is small sized and always works for employees benefit programmes and policies to keep them motivated.
Now the management is looking to offer a special benefit to a selected few employees who have worked with company for more than 10 years and our always dedicated and loyal to management and have worked without bothering for time.
Company wants to give them time in benefit so that their salary is not cut after all their grace period is lapsed.
also company wants to give them leave benefits.
Qts here is we have 3 employees more than 10 years with company over all experience is much more and who have stood for company in its ups and down but we have one more employee who is 6 years with us over all experience is around 7 years but thsi employee has also stood with the company and has given remarkable contribution to the company.
How to decide if this employee is eligible for the special benefits or not and what kind of parameters we should set so that in future we have no clashes or issues who is eligible and who is not kind ?
Thanking in advance for the feedback i will receive from experts of this industry.

From India, Bengaluru
Aniket Pathak

Sr. Executive HR
Dear Vaishali,
You had already mentioned the criteria of 10 years good service. If you want to give benefits to that other employee then the criteria should be other than service years. Instead you can provide benefits to the deserved candidates on sole discretion of management that way you need not draft the new policy and set criteria as that can bring forth many issues regarding employee claims for the benefits. only Service years do not implies that the candidate is deserving.

From India, Pune

Agile Solutionist
Hi Vaishali,
My thoughts are here and a few are already practiced by small and mid sized companies in India
1. It is good to communicate to the team that the management appreciate long term service and loyalty. So come up with a policy, benefits, and publish it and propagate it wherever possible. Because this can enhance the morale of employees and attract potential employees to join your organisation.
2. Give some appreciation to those who are completing 5 years. Plus a voucher from an ecommerce joint would be easy to administer.
3. For those who are completing 10 years, a special leave for a week (to be used up at one stretch) plus some cash incentive. Let them go and celebrate with family for week
4. For those who are completing 5/10 years, a get together with family members and management is a feel good activity. Plus a lunch or dinner
5. Publishing a few words from the senior folks (10 and more years) about company and their career in the form of a testimonial. This can be a free promotional material for the company for websites and social media.

From India, Bangalore
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International Mktg manager
Thanks for both replies.
we are not giving service years as benefit criteria as this will create issues as every other employee who completes 10 years will be eligible for it.
we already have service anniversary awards and cash benefits for 5 , 10 and above years.
we have reward programs for top 4 employees.
Here what we need is a very special benefit for only those employee who have literally strived for company day n night on leaves n holidays with remarkable contribution.
qts is we already know clearly who are they but one employee is such who has done remarkable contribution but is young with her experience yet for the company and probably not that management thought oriented so for such employee to consider or not was questions as employee is close to our company too. That is why we thought to make some parameters who can be eligible wo hurting anyone;s feelings.
for future we need to be clear.

From India, Bengaluru

HR Executive
To be simple,
1. Just share an auto email to all the company employees saying that these many have completed 5, 10 years and so on along with the activities they like when they are free.
2. Just give them a book my show vouchers that fits for a family of 4 and so.
3. Book a hotel with free food for their family.
4. Give a holiday ticket to Goa and so. For couple, as they both might have missed many valuable or happy moments because of late nights or on some special personal occasions.
5. Gift can only be money, as the gifts like sweets or nuts doesn't value as they expire in a single day.

From India, Hyderabad
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