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I'm an expat, working for a BPO company in bangalore and they have list the project that I work on and after that they forced me to give my resignation letter or else I will be terminated and I will lose everything which I did yesterday. Is there anything that I can do? And if there is any legal corporate adviser I would like to consult.
From India, Bengaluru
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This is too brief text for your query.
From India, Mumbai
I don't know what are the needed details and how to frame them but I can put some of them in questions manner
- Is it permissible for employer to farce it's employees to submit their resignation letters (multiple employess)? And if it is not permissible, what action can be done?.
- As an expatriate employee, who is the legal body that I can consult in such case?

From India, Bengaluru

I understand why Shirkant is informing why your query is too brief. If I may clarify: What are the reasons why your employer is forcing you to resign? Please explain further so that each member may provide some suggestions. Do you have contract with them? If yes, what are the terms mentioned about termination agreement? If there is a contract and you signed it, just follow that because you agreed on it when they first hired you.
Just my opinion, your employer is asking you to resign means they are being polite to you. Instead of terminating you, which will have big impact in your career, might as well choose to resign and get all necessary settlements (you should ask for this). In this way, when you try to find other jobs you can have your own reasons. If ever they check with your previous employer they will tell the same.

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Hello Shallohal,
Thanks a lot for your explanation and suggestion and here is my response to your clarification.
The reason the have forced me to resign is because the lost the client that I'm hired to support. and when I asked them to send me an official email or give me a letter stating the same they have refused to that and they said we are informing you verbally and there shall be no written information regarding the same.
I used to have a contract with them and I have signed the first contract which has expired long ago and when we came to renewal, I have insisted that they have to change some of the points and terms, they said they will look into it but I have not signed the renewed one. When I asked them to give me the edited contract (the one that I asked for), they refused and this is where the problem has started.
For your information, We are totally seven members with the same situation.

From India, Bengaluru

Dear Friend,
If the management wants to terminate your services, they can do so as per the clause of appointment letter by giving you one month's or 3 months' pay in lieu thereof, by stating any reason like disobedience, loss of confidence, unsatisfactory performance et-al. In that case, no employer would like to appoint a terminated candidate from any organization.
As such, in my view, it would be better you submit resignation and get an experience certificate from your present employer, so that you may be able to produce the same while applying for another job.
Best wishes,

From India, Ajmer

ya friend
u r Already in a saturated point .i mean to say u r now above the level of employee and as business showing the roll of middle man or consultant are arranging high level parties to do business with your company..
so labour laws cant be applicable
But the application of natural justice to your case
none can pressure any to resign or do any work by force.
so you can challenge..
or take benefits silently by leaving the company nicely in favour of your last best benefits
what i mean to say the rules applied for a sarpanch or village secretary cant be used for Royal british governor general or An embassy secretary...ok

From India, Nellore

As you mentioned the company lost a client that you're hired for. This could just be an alibi or could be true as well and will impact your team. If the first, the company may not really need you or your team and they want to just terminate all of you. In a good way though so as not to have effect in your CV/resume. If the second, this means the company has no enough funds to pay for you and your team because of the lost client. Anyway, whatever the case may be, it's best to respect and accept it. Don't think of what works you will lose, because even your company doesn't think about those. Ask for settlements and experience certificate and try to look for a new job right away. If it helps, you may politely ask your HR to provide you few more months if you are really eager to finish your works/jobs. Show good intentions that you don't want to leave the company by also leaving incomplete works and that you want to leave everything in good shape.

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
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