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Hi All, I urgently need to know . 1. Along with the medical officer is it also necessary to keep an ambulance at the factory site?
From India, Mumbai
Amit Aishwary Choudhary
Managing People At Work.
Dr (Gp Capt) Suchitra Mankar
Director Doorstep Health Servicess; Recognized
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Please search for Maharashtra factories rules & look for ambulance & doctor requirement. The provisions are quite in details do homework.
From India, Mumbai
amit aishwary choudhary

Hello Dear,
According to factory act,1948
Section 40-B provides that in every factory
1. Where 1000 or more workers are ordinarily employed or
2. Where the manufacturing process or operation involves risk of bodily injury, poisoning or disease or any other hazard to health of the persons employed there in, the occupier shall employ such number of safety officer as prescribed by state government.
Where more than 500 workers are ordinarily employed in a factory, an ambulance room should be provided and maintained by every such factory.
The above explanation are truly based on factories act ,1948.

From India, Delhi
Powai office

Dear Siddhikab,
The provisions of Factories Act have been spelled out by Mr. Amit. If your factory is in a state other than Maharashtra, please check the rules prescribed by that State Government. I would like to bring to your notice that in one of the factories located at remote place once a fatal accident was reported and during the factory inspection, the Factories inspector had recommended (not made compulsory) to have an ambulance in the premises available for emergency.
There are many progressive managements , who maintain qualified staff including a part time or full time doctor to take care of emergencies and annual health check up of employees.
You may decide your requirement depending upon requirements of manufacturing process, no of employees working and location.

From India, Mumbai

For units having hazardous process, there is mention of following in respect of ambulance vans in Factories Act provisions


Ambulance Vans - (1) In any factory carrying on 'hazardous process', there shall be provided

and maintained in good condition, a suitably constructed ambulance van equipped with items as per

sub-rule (2) and manned by the full-time Driver-cum-Mechanic and Helper trained in first-aid, for the

purpose of transportation of serious cases of accidents or sickness. The ambulance van shall not be

used for any purpose other than the purpose stipulated herein and will normally be stationed at or

near to the Occupational Health Centre:

Provided that, a factory employing less than 200 workers, may make arrangements for procuring

such facility at short notice from nearby hospital or other places, to meet any emergency.

(2) The Ambulance should have the following equipments,-

(a) General - A wheeled stretcher with folding and adjusting devices with the head of the stretcher

capable of being tilted upward; Fixed suction unit with equipment; Fixed oxygen supply with

equipment, Pillow with case;-Sheets-Blankets;- Towels; Emesis bag, Bed pan,- Urinal, Glass.

(b) Safety equipment - Flaros with life of 30 minutes; Flash lights, Fire extinguisher dry powder type;

Insulated gauntlets.

(c) Emergency care equipments - (i) Resuscitation, portable suction unit, portable oxygen units, Bag-

Valve-mask, hand operated artificial ventilation unit, airways-mouth gags.- Tracheestomy adopters,

short spine board-IV, fluids with administration unit, B.P. monometer.-Cugg-Stethoscope.

(ii) Immobilization - Long and short padded boards,- Wire ladder splints; Triangular bandage-Long

and short spine Boards.

(iii) Dressings - Gauze pads.- 4" X 4" - Universal; dressing- 10" X 36"; Roll of aluminium foils-Soft roller

bandages 6" X 5 yards- Adhesive tape in 3" roll-Safety pins; Bandage sheets; Burn Sheet.

(iv) Poisoning - Syrup of Ipecae; Activated Charcoal Prepacketed in doses:-

Snake bite kit, Drinking water.

(v) Emergency Medicines - As per requirement (under the advice of Medical Officer).

73-Y. Decontamination facilities - In every factory, carrying out 'hazardous process' the following

provisions shall be made to meet emergency:-

(a) fully equipped first-aid box;

(b) readily accessible means of drenching with water for flooding. Workers or parts of body of

workers who have been contaminated with hazardous and corrosive substance; and such means shall

be as per the scale shown in the table below:-


Number of persons employed at any time Number of drenching showers

(i) Upto 50 workers 2

(ii) Between 51 to 200 workers 2+1 for every additional 50 or part thereafter

(iii) Between 201 to 500 workers 5+1 for every additional 100 or part thereafter

(iv) 501 workers and above 8+1 for every additional 200 or part thereafter

(c) a sufficient number of eye wash bottle filled with distilled water or suitable liquid, kept in boxes or

cupboards conveniently situated and clearly indicated by a distinctive sign which shall be visible at all


From India, Mumbai
Dr (Gp Capt) Suchitra Mankar

Dear Friends,
In Maharashtra try using 108 Ambulance Services.
Make an evacuation plan in which any general vehicle/MPV can be utilized for quick evacuation of casualty. Please appreciate that unless its a case in which a patient has to travel lying down only, any general purpose veh can be utilized, after due first aid.
Dr (Gp Capt) Suchitra Mankar MD, AFIH

From India, Pune
Dear All,
Highly suggest to start upgrading your ambulance system to match National Ambulance Code, as per AIS 125 standards. Government is getting stricter of using MPV/Omni ambulances and we have seen instances of these being 'uncategorized' as ambulances.
Prabhdeep Singh

From India, Hyderabad
ashokkkumar v.r
What is the process for exemption of ambulance in a factory?
From India, undefined
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