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Large number of Workforce is employed in IT Sector and Retail Sector and there is high job insecurity and high attrition in IT Sector and Retail Sector. Strong Union for IT Sector and Retail Sector can solve many problems of Workforces and can create advantage for Workforces, Employers and Enterprises.

Labour Law & Hr Consultant
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Bharat Gera
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So, who is to bell the cat? Since the employability of the IT employees are more and the retail workforce is widely scattered, normally unionization is not possible in such sectors. Even otherwise, Certainly the employers won't allow it happen.
From India, Salem
Bharat Gera

Uniting the disgruntled and dissatisfied insecure work force is little difficult in such sectors but determined efforts can make it possible. The biggest problem is not their spread but the mind set of the people in these sector and their attitude. In retail sector at entry level jobs are plenty so is the unemployment so the people keep on leaving one job after another. The other problem is the lack of fighting spirit and camaraderie in the white collar work force.
The self interest is more important than the group interest.

From India, Thane

Many of the unions are just to safeguard employee rights & the job security. Most of the IT & ITES employees are earning higher wages & more benefits to retain the employees coz of the competition between the companies. At the same time there is huge attrition in the same sector & the reason is employee is not ready to work for long terms unlike in the other industries.
From India, Bangalore
Devanshu Ballabh
Unions are good for industry with specialized jobs like Airline pilots union.
But they are not good to industries as the human tendency to want "something for nothing" , we can easily see that by auto drivers sitting freely and demanding high, ultimately having their jobs taken by Cab drivers.
The point of Unions will be obsolete in the coming decade, due to rapid attrition and changes in industry due to technological advancement.
In closing i would quote Darwin "its not the smartest or strongest who survive but those who are most adaptable to change"

From India, Bengaluru
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