HI Fellow Members , I need some help on Behavioural PIP for one of my associate, I have given him lot of written feedback about his behaviour with his peers, but there is not change in his attitude and behaviour. Can some one help me to create a plan for behavioural PIP and what all things we can do.
From United States, Malvern
Dinesh Divekar

Dear N Kakandikar,

Abbreviation PIP stands for Performance Improvement Plan. When some employee, fails to attain certain level of performance, he/she is placed under PIP. Objective of PIP is to give chance to the employee to improve his/her performance in specific time period. However, one cannot be bifurcate PIP and call one portion as "Behavioural PIP" and possibly the other as "Technical PIP".

How your associate's behaviour is impacting the team performance or his individual performance? Does he lack listening skills, questioning skills, interpersonal skills, workplace etiquette or anything else? Why did you give him written feedback but not personal one? Is it that you had tête-à-tête with him first and then you have given him written feedback as follow up?

Are you trained on how to give feedback? Do you have skills in you that are mentioned in the above paragraph? Why there was no impact on the behaviour of your associate? Does this person report to you is he your peer? What about soft skills training in your company? Are employees trained formally in your company or it is assumed that they acquire all these skills by themselves?

Feedback is generally given by managers. They do so because they occupy position of authority. When feedback comes the level above, it is generally taken seriously. It is a powerful tool to motivate employee. Nevertheless, why your associate is disregarding the feedback that you have not mentioned. What is your designation? Are you from HR? Does this person possess very specific skill set for which he becomes indispensable. Because of this indispensability, does he have a notion that he has luxury of rubbing others wrong way? Does he have some top level connection?

There are many questions associated with your post. Please clarify further.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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