I have got 3 offers as follows:
1. HTC global services-Client is JP Morgan Bangalore
2. Mindtree Bangalore
3. Delta Technologies and management services-Hyderabad
Unable to decide which company to join, I have 4.5 Years of experience and My Native is Hyderabad. Please give me the valuable advice on what I Have to decide. Salary is more or less equal in all 3 companies.

From India, Bangalore

Dear Mahadevraj,
You deserve to be congratulated for getting three offers at the same time
and presently you are in an enviable position of your peers/ competitors.
You have given very little information for others to give you any suggestion.
However you can create your own matrix for decision making.
Prepare a list showing Salary, Location, Closer to Home town, Career path,
position, scope to rise in the Organization, perks .... etc ... etc.
Then assign weightage to each (on a scale of say 1 to 10), before adding up to get the total.
Numbers as computed above, will help you to take a better decision

From India
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I echo Raghunathan . In addition to that, request you to consider MindTree as its one of the best brands song the three. However, its what you would get to do within the bandwidth of your role and the cultural fit is what you should calibrate further.

From India, Mumbai
I'm interested to work in Hyderabad since it is my native, but delta technologies hyderabad is having very bad reviews.
If not Delta Technologies, I would like to join Mindtree!!
I have worked in Bank of America, United HealthGroup, IBM as an IT Security Analyst.

From India, Bangalore

Wow. In 4.5 years you have changed job in three companies. Please remember that to know everything about the company, its products, processes, various verticals, their functions, it is advisable to stay in a company for atleast three years. It is my personal opinion, having headed HR function for two decades and more. Over a period of time, when you apply for another company, it is possible they may reject your candidature on the ground of lack of stability. Any new company that hires you, spends considerable time and resources in integrating your knowledge, skill and experience with that of their available roles. By the time the integration takes places, you would be ready to move elsewhere. Therefore, this uncertainty or lack of stability, like a rolling stone, will take you nowhere. It is not that I am advising you against accepting one of these job offers. However, henceforth, think before you apply again for another job. It is also possible that if you say in a company a little longer and display your leadership skills, you may be given a good career growth in the same organisation itself v( if that is what you are looking for apart from money )

Best wishes

From India

Dear Mahadevraj,
Likings differ from person to person. So, any advice by anyone can be his own liking that can confuse you more, as that may or may not suit you when you join. So, your own liking should be preferable to you, as based on comparison of the corporate goverance, corporate culture, products, investor services, customer services, reputation, and policies of career development of employees, employee motivation, etc. of the company. So, better go through their websites in detail and wherever you find some doubts, better discuss on those doubts with 2-3 employees of those companies before making your final choice.

From India, Delhi
Thank you all for taking time and giving valuable advise. Sure i'll ensure to have stability going forward. Based on all the factors and feedback I Have decided to join Mindtree. Thank You All :)
From India, Bangalore

When you applied to these three companies,you must have kept in mind a job profile and growth prospects.
Think in your own mind which of the companies is likely to be suitable for your professional growth.A poster here may suggest Mindtree or someother with his thought process.
You need to see for yourself and then decide.
Any congrats.

From India, Pune

Well at outset, Congratulations to you!
Coming to your confused state of mind, I think you have the answer yourself! Yes, Hyderabad would have been better option considering the fact that you are Hyderabad native and Delta Technologies holds good!
But, what do you mean by bad review about "Delta Technologies" in Hyderabad? Work culture, place, appraisals wise what exactly? prioritise. And still if your heart calls out for Mindtree, am sure you must have considered it in all aspects, then go for it!! In my opinion PRIORITISE is the answer :)

From India, Mumbai
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