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Gayatri Jadhav

Dear All request your help my manager has asked me to share a new Annual appraisal format and detailed process for my company by tomorrow. Kindly help me with the format as there are no prior KRA or KPI created and followed for the employee, which will also take time. Am not able to understand how can i prepare a detailed process and format for performance appraisal in just a day.
From India, Mumbai

Hi Gayatri,

Take from me. YOU CAN'T. Go tell the manager that Annual Appraisal is not a "ITEM" to be brought in "Grocery Market" and give it to him :). Jokes apart.

No Seriously, what kind of company are your working. Is annual appraisal a cake walk for this company or what. I mean, it seem some people just don't get the fact that Appraisal System is not something an HR personnel has in his "Magic Potly" and you just ask and HR personnel will use his magic wand and give them. :). Its an effort from Management, HR, Finance and Operations with the lead to be initiated from Management with a thought process.

By No means you should make an appraisal format without KPI and KRA. For just a formats there are so many on the internet, just down load and you can give him. But I would suggest do that after you go through the process to have a JD in place, followed by KRA, then KPI and then finally Appraisal Format.

I feel , Your boss is just looking for a format so he can quickly give them to staff and ask them fill, ask HR to evaluate and give him called "HR FEEDBACK" and then he will on his whims will give staff an increment what he has already decided or or has per his budget allocated by Management/Finance.

Don't fall into this trap. Suggest you take your manager to confidence and design an Appraisal system that would stand for time to come; and truly benefit the workers who deserve and not those who just "shine in good books".

Good Luck

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Hello Gayatri Jadhav,
Like Ukmitra mentioned, formulating Annual appraisal formats not JUST take time but also have to undergo multiple iterations......depending on the employee strength & sector you are in........BEFORE one can finalize & implement.
And this also will NEED the involvement of the technical/functional Heads of the Company as many points related to the respective function will be a part of this Format.
Inform your manager that you will need KPIs & KRAs to handle this job........which again will lead to the Functional/Technical Heads.
Looks like your manager's main background is NOT HR......and IF it is, then I am afraid, he hasn't come-up the ladder by his performance.
If you can give more details about your Company, more specific/actionable suggestions can come from this Forum.

From India, Hyderabad
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