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Is it a healthy practice to allow your team to celebrate the depart of one of your team members? I am referring to a situation of attrition wherein the resource had to quit the organisation for personal or career advancement reasons.
I feel that as a people manager, we will be setting a wrong expectation to celebrate by cutting a cake or hosting a party in office premises while the resources are at work.
However they can definitely do such an activity in their personal time outside the office premises.
I am definitely happy for the resource as a fellow human however from management stand point, its still an attrition for me and i am allowing an environment that says such practices are encouraged.
Please revert with your thoughts on this regards.
11th September 2015 From United States, Palo Alto
It may be attrition for the company,but the opening of an opportunity for the exiting employee.
Exit of an employee can cut both ways-delay some work which was being handled by the employee and as well bring in new blood.
A well run company always keeps in mind stand by by for key employees.
Spending ten -fifteen minutes ot organise a small tea party is not going to affect the company output in anyway,rather it will give a good feeling to all that exit is being dealt with in positive way.
At any rate if the company has attrition rates reasons need to be examined holistically and not by avoiding the gesture of tea party/cake cutting etc.
11th September 2015 From India, Pune
Few reasons for leaving the company: better opportunity, higher studies, relocation.
Only the department members/team members will show interest in giving the farewell & the management approves it. Top management involvement is very less.
Giving a farewell is required since the employee is with the company & served the period as per the company requirements.
Farewell should be arranged during break timings (or) lunch hour without disturbing the working environment.
This creates a very good opinion in the mind of the exit employee & there is a chance of showing interest again sometime in future, if there are proper exit formalities & if the employee is treated well during his/her exit.
11th September 2015 From India, Vijayawada
A farewell party, is a gesture by the company, whereby the company shows that they are happy for his growth and they wish him all the best for his future growth... a 10-15 mins party, will surely not hamper any workings. Its a department function.

Also, if we celebrate birthdays for the employee at work, then why cant we celebrate the exit? Why treat him as an outsider on his last day and close the doors for re-entry? by discouraging just policies, we are creating an atmosphere where the employees after putting their resignation, will feel like getting away from the organisation, as soon as possiable as the organisation starts treating them differently.

Also normally these farewell parties are either just before depature or in lunch or tea time, so not much of working time is wasted?

Kindly do not crub such Good Gestures and Good HR Feeler.

We understand that the HR work is going to look for his replacement, but then what are we expecting, an employee never leaving the organisation and no new blood joining the team???


Ashutosh Thakre
12th September 2015 From India, Mumbai
HR management Should always encourage good things for the employees and good environment for the company. Giving farewell to employee and wishing him all the success on his corporate journey and growth is something which leverages the happy environment of the company.All that is done for good reasons will reap you the good things in life.
12th September 2015 From India, Vadodara
A proactive HR culture is defined not by how you welcome a person into the organization, but by how you bid farewell to a person. Remember, the best ambassadors of any organisation are its past employees. Make their exit memorable. The intangibles you gain is phenomenal.
12th September 2015 From Indonesia, Jakarta

Not sure WHY you raised this topic--is it to do with any specific situation you faced or are facing OR just like that?

Like a member mentioned 'the best ambassadors of any organisation are its past employees. Make their exit memorable'--UNLESS of course it's a case of termination, for whatever reason(s).

Also, there's one small, but CRUCIAL, point that you seem to miss out. The to-be-ex-employee joined the Company & NOT any team within the Company. He/she became a part of the team only AFTER joining. And for all one knows, he/she may have worked in multiple teams during his/her tenure.

So whose concern, if at all, is it to give a farewell party to him/her?

Further more, did he/she work for any team Lead or Manager or anyone else OR for the Company all thru?

That's the logic from a purely human relations angle.

From another angle--whatever his/her productivity was during his/her tenure was a contribution to the Company & NOT to either the team or any individual. So whose concern, if at all, need it to be to give a farewell party to him/her? That his/her team is involved in arranging the farewell party is only a projection of the intent of the Company.

From another angle, what's the message the Company is trying to send to the to-be-ex-employee when the Company doesn't partake in any farewell party? To put it bluntly & directly: our 'use for you' is now over & finished & you can go your way now. At the most, a totally impersonal & mechanical 'Thank you'.

Does that feel like the way any HR person ought to suggest or project or practice?

Upto you to figure-out I guess.


13th September 2015 From India, Hyderabad
I think it is a healthy practice to have some sort of farewell function. The outgoing employee is appreciated by his/her colleagues for the support and positive actions while in the organization. Moreover, the personal relationships do not cease even if that employee exits. The get-together can happen during lunch breaks etc with least loss of productive time. A tea break could also be organized.
On the contrary, not having such a function indicates that the organization does not have a conducive atmosphere for inter-personal relationships. Such entities do not grow well as the right environmental culture is not fostered.
13th September 2015 From India, Delhi
Interesting discussion on whether there should be farewell for the send off parties.The views expressed by the members are worth considering. There is another reason for the send-off party.The daunting completions for market share,the demanding 24 x 7 customer service and the technology driven processes, drive the employees at modern work places into a flurry of activity from the moment they pick their pen or 'mouse', leaving no space nor time for them for occasional social indulgence which is so essential for any one who wants his work place more socially dynamic than being a sweat shop.Therefore there is a need for a social lubricant to lubricate jammed channels of social communication among employees by opening up to one another. The send-off parties are one such social lubricant.The feeling of being together on occasions of one of their colleagues leaving them, instills a sense of belonging and caring for one another apart from refraining from burning bridges with him and keeping the doors of rehiring open to him, if he wishes to come back.

However, where the rate of attrition is high and an employee leaves every alternative day, holding send-off parties during office hours so frequently may be disruptive in nature.Therefore, in my view, whether a send-off party shall be held during office hours or during lunch or tea time or after hours or whether it can be avoided, depends up on various factors like frequency of exits and the long or short tenure of employees or the reputation of employees.No matter how bad a guy is, it is worth celebrating his exit as some people make others happy when they leave.


HR & Labour Law Consultant

14th September 2015 From India, Mumbai
Employees will come and go.people work for the earning and betterment in life.relationships are social bondings which remains.Networks help businessess grow.HUman resource managers thus can contribute in maintaining relationships and building strong networks through such small but memorable moments like Farewell irrespective of reasons attrition etc.
14th September 2015 From India, Vadodara
It is not a healthy thing to make it a practice / policy to have such farewell parties.
But if the team wants to say proper goodbye with their own cost (Snacks, memento, etc), Then the 10-15 minutes of company time spent for this should be overlooked by HR....
(Unless this creates disturbance to other employees & cleanliness is maintained. Such events can be done in meeting rooms, pantries, etc where disturbance is tolerable).
Company is the place where we spend most of our awake time. It is obvious that we make friends & attachments here. Putting such strict rules for company time cannot be seen a very good gesture.
Best Regards,
Amod Bobade.
15th September 2015
A formal farewell ceremony with no sort of partying can be entertained and can be made a practice in organizations. This will of course set an example of unity in the team
15th September 2015 From India,
Somewhere I read years ago - " To meet, To eat, To chat And to depart - that is the saddest tale of mankind! ". Bidding farewell by the employees to a collegue on his voluntary exit from the organisation is a mark of respect and remembrance of their long time association. Managers have just to take it in a lighter vein in stead of with a parochial outlook.
15th September 2015 From India, Salem
In my company we are not celebrating farewell, bocz it's employee is leaving the organization. But our employees gives the personal farewell to the person & mark a mail to everyone. and they are not mark to the senior management.Kindly suggest do we tell them to stop sending an internal mails to everyone or if they are sending an e-mail so they should be keep in loop to to management also.
Kindly suggest What I will mail to them that environment will be cool & healthy & intimate also.
18th September 2015 From India, Chennai
It is quite natural that it would also swing everyone’s mood. It would be better if we avoid such circumstances inside the premises.
18th September 2015 From India, Chennai
Holding a small farewell party during tea break involving HOD and members of team/department for farewell party of an employee who is leaving is a good idea.(off course exiting employee should not have been terminated or dismissed etc)
This will foster good relationships among employees.
I really do not find any negative implication in this short but sweet gesture.
For years I have been doing this for exiting employees where ever have worked,without any problem or hindrance to official work.
18th September 2015 From India, Pune
If we all take exits as negatives and handle the farewell gestures as waste of time then, i really wonder if the employees would stick around for the notice period and transfer the knowledge, as the moment the person puts his resgination, people will srat to distance from him, treating him as an alien in the group, this is a very harmful trend.
A request to all my HR members, we need to strangthen the company culture through people management and not through looking down on things in a different way.
Ashutosh Thakre
18th September 2015 From India, Mumbai
In my view point the procedure of giving farewell is a good idea as the person is going for the better opportunities without harming the organization.
18th September 2015 From India, New Delhi
We'd say, don't make it big - but encourage the employee who's given the best and highlight his positives to the rest of the members - let the person who's taken the big decision to move on feel good about working for his current organization and let him contemplate on what he's going to carry forward on his next leap.
18th September 2015 From India, undefined
Kindly suggest do you have any idea for paternal leave policy? how many days is applicable for if employees strength is 50 size of company. Kindly reply.
3rd May 2016 From India, Chennai
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