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I need all your help and great suggestions. First, I would like to explain my problem. I have joined in ABC Company (pay roll) to support XYZ Company (Client) to serve as a contract employee (C2H) .As per the mentioned date in the offer letter I joined. But now ABC Company is saying that they will give the salary from on boarding date to XYZ Company. Also, saying they will not pay for before on boarding days (20 Days).But as per the offer letter I have reported to the ABC Company nothing is fault / delay from my side.

They also said one more reason that my last company gave the late reply for BG mail. I said to them that when you are not getting prompt reply why don't you inform to me. When I checked with last company HR, they said they have not received any BG mail from ABC Company. Again, I have provided my HR mail and mobile number to ABC Company.

This is the first time I saw that by holding the candidate they go for BG.BG is not my job, but they not paying money to me. I tried to contact my concerned person but, he’s not giving appointment to me he’s always saying busy or I am outside.

Note: XYZ is a level-5 MNC Company without any projects they recruited really we are felling very worst.

Kindly suggest to get the salary as per the offer letter what steps I want to take now. If I will take any step is there any chance to remove me from the job?

Kindly let me know if need any clarification

From India
Can any body will provide suggestion for this.........kindly do the needful on this.................
From India
You actually have 2 choices.
Accept that you will not get next 20 days salary
Or leave and get another Job.
You have tried to explain the matter, and they are not willing to listen.
You can ofcourse complain to the labour officer of your area, but you will simply lose your job and it may not help in any case. Plus it may be a roadblock to your future career if prospective employers know you filed a complaint before.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mahendra,
Its rather pity on thre part of ur Employer, who is denying to pay ur due salary.
But we would like to have more inputs from ur side regarding:
"They Also Said One More Reason That My Last Company Gave The Late Reply For BG Mail. I Said To Them That When You Are Not Getting Prompt Reply Why Don't You Inform To Me. When I Checked With Last Company HR, They Said They Have Not Received Any BG Mail From ABC Company. Again, I Have Provided My HR Mail And Mobile Number To ABC Company".
It will be more appropriate to provide the proper solution when we have all the relevant details.
Optimus Consultants

From India
Dear Jatin_Maini,
Simple i joined in a ABC company as contract employee.I need to work XYZ company employee as ABC.To on board to XYZ company they took 20 days.for these 20 days not are not interested to pay the salary. for these 20 days what i want to do now.

From India
With what reason they will remove job..... what is my fault.Is my fault to join as per the offer letter what is the delay from my side ,did any delay in providing any document you can say they will remove me...may i know the reason.simply ABC Company saying that XYZ Company not provided to us thats why we will no provide to it is correct i don't know.ABC company need to demand @XYZ company...I need to demand @ABC Company....right....if you any extra proper info plz provide me thats it.

From India
There is no shortage of reasons to remove you
1. In probation termination without notice
2. Unsatisfactory work (IT is not covered in Indistrial Dispute Act)
3. Negative response from BGC
4. Client didn't like your behaviour
Off the top of my head this is the list.
You can't do anything about it
So don't annoy the company. 20 days salary will hardly matter in the long term if you work properly. You will in the end earn much more you lose it

From India, Mumbai
Hi Mahendran,
Your ask is valid.! Am unsure of the process of the mnc company hiring contract employees for bench. They should have had plan for deploying. Please check with your payroll if they have signed in any PO in your case from the date of joining.
And request for some compensation, which can be provided from there end. Do confirm your work during that 20Days Was with which company. Most BGV process are done for contractor employees only after joining as there joining date is minimal.

From India, Chennai
Hello Mahendarec,

I would tend to agree with Saswata Banerjee's suggestions.

There are many fly-by-night Companies in the IT sector that LEAVE crucial aspects of the Terms VAGUE. This was the scenario in USA until a few years back---of not paying salary while the employee was on bench, i.e. not assigned to any project/client--but now things have become far better.

However, this wasn't an issue in India.

I can see that this ABC Company is playing around.

The best option for you would be to look for another job ASAP.....especially since you say 'XYZ is a level-5 MNC Company without any projects'.

Even IF you resolve the issue here, being in IT sector, you would tend to loose touch with your technical skills IF the gap is high.

CMM Levels are so common today that the Certification has lost much of it's charm & value today......there were days when even CMM Level 2 or 3 was looked upon very highly. I know of Companies that are Level 5 but the practices inside don't even make them deserve even Level-1.

So suggest DON'T go by these Levels, etc in your next job search.

And do some due deligence about the Company before you join.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear Team,
My name is mahendar karra Actually i have selected for ALCHEMY SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS this is my pay roll company and client is IBM,after two months they said they don't have projects so,they are re-deploying me not only e total around 500 employees who joined like me.
Now my consultency saying that they also won;t provide any salary at least they have provide one month notice period as per
the offer letter.From my joining date onwards really they playing with even they are not provided full month salary also.
Can i go through by consumer court kindly suggest me ways how to take an action on company.My worst experience with IBM is with informing any thing they removed my access at gate entry.IBM is one of the big worst company.

From India

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