Hi, I would like to know if punishment like cutting salary for one/two days can be exercised on the personnel who have committed a serious mistake.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
What is punishment? why you are imposing punishment?..are you imposing any punishment for a dog if it fails to obey? Is the employee is a dog or human...unless you, prima facie feel there is a gravity of offence you can go, and a serious mistake at first warning, disobeyance attracts stringent reprimand, advise, training not to do for the laxity...then you may go for loss of pay provided the situation warrant, you cannot simply punish for serious mistake unless the mistake you as an authority found the work done/service rendered is punishable..ofcourse, if the organisation think so like olden days, it is meaning less to write this...
None can be punished because the way you think is not the way of doing the things by the other ...The Gravity of Offence attract the Punishment.....
best of luck ...

From India, Arcot

Punishments can be given for violations of rules/law etc.No doubt about it.
But one needs to follow rules of natural justice in awarding punishments.
Punishment is not a cure for all wrongs.
The idea of punishment is to ensure change of heart and avoid further repetition.
So award punishment judiciously and with due proof of the error/wrongdoing.

From India, Pune
Self realization is must on any of the mistake, whether it is deliberate or not. Deducting 1 or 2 days salary would not help until the employee learns the way of doing the work properly.
Verbal or written warning can be given or one can also put that employee on performance improvement plan (PIP), if this does not help then simply ask that person to leave from the organization.

From India, Delhi
Hello Shardes,
What's the 'serious mistake' you are talking about?
What's serious for YOU may be very light one for me.
Suggest also give more details about the ACTUAL ISSUE at hand--that will enable the members to give actionable suggestions.
The 2 details you mentioned [cutting leaves & serious mistake] leave A LOT of scope for assumptions....so whatever suggestions you get will be based on assumptions than actual facts of the case.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi, As per act, no one doesnt have rights to punish the Employee by cutting salary. If any employee done major mistake or worst behavior, first time we have to give warning letter, if he done again & again we will take action against him as per act.thanks
From India
a repetation of absenteesm is a serious mistake done by workers.
in our organisation after three warning letter if worker is continue in absenteesm so you can give a show cause notice for it and set a 24 hour time bound for his calarification if it satisfactory so its ok if not or if not giving calarification so suspension will be done in this case.

From India, Delhi
Thanks for your inputs. To clarify - they commit Mistakes such as not following mandatory procedures, lack of integrity, incomplete records, errors in recording due to carelessness. When all these mistakes are done again and again by the same persons, it is frustrating. So I thought, what will pinch is not paying them for the day or two, as work is not done at all or not done satisfactorily. Sacking is seldom the solution, unless the offense has very grave consequences so punishment / penalty should work I think. Why can't people just work as per established systems, I am unable to understand !
My question is - Is it legal to cut payments as penalty or will it be flouting any labour law or any other law? How best can this be documented? Records of offense/mistake will be available and the personnel could also give in writing that they accept their mistake. I need to know this before I suggest to management.

From India, Mumbai
Definitely you can punish..but it needs a process.remember your childhood.you were calmly handled by your parent on first instance,second time there was a verbal warning and third time there was a punishment to eradicate the issue.So follow this process also understand that you have to talk to employees as a parent.you have to create the same comfort zone where one is ready to admit mistake and another one is ready to forgive the first mistake.
So in simple words talk to verbally 1st time,2nd time written warning and 3rd time take action with proofs.

From India, Mohali
Punishment in terms of deducting 1 or two days salary are going to serve any purpose. Instead you realize the mistake and warn him of not repeating similar mistakes in future. If person has any feelings in their body definitely he will improve otherwise keep him aside for future reference.
From India, Lucknow

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