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During the training, when I know that a particular trainee / trainees is a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) person, what are the methodologies / cautions do I need to exercise so that the training environment is conducive. How do I make sure that the other trainees / participants also engage in learning without any hindrance or hesitancy. We all know the training principles we follow or adapt or implement or practice, but this question has remained unanswered.
I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this.
P.S: Most of the times these trainees (LGBT) have confided their identity with me.

From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
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Sushi Kadanakuppe
Assistant Professor

Sushi Kadanakuppe

Hi Jsamjustin1,
Kindly conduct your training program as usual like any other training with any target group. If a trainee confides in you about his/her identity and wishes to keep it confidential then you need to do so, or if they openly declare it means that they expect us to treat them like normal individual (which they are!). We need to understand that being LGBT is not unnatural and it is as natural as straight sexual orientation. You as a trainer or facilitator should first understand this aspect and accept them. Only then you will have your body language well placed like how you would in any other group. If the group detects changes in your behavior in how you treat certain individuals, only then the group may start unacceptable behavior towards them. Please remember LGBT are normal human beings. How the group treats them depends on how you treat them or your attitude towards that community. Best wishes!

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jsamjustin1,

We conduct employee training to build certain skill sets amongst the participants. Skills set are built so as to create organisational change. Unless the training programme is absolutely gender specific where is the question of gender impacting trainer's delivery?

In almost all technical or semi-technical trainings, gender does not matter. Gender also does not matter in soft skills trainings. When some game or simulation is conducted, there is no division as such on the lines of men or women. Sexual preference is one's personal matter and if it is left to individual the better.

As a trainer/faculty we should only talk about the subject matter and nothing else. While quoting any story or anecdote, we should take precaution not to violate anyone's sensibilities because caste, creed, religion, language etc. This is the only precaution.

If some trainee/participant is disclosing sexual orientation with the trainer/faculty then it goes on to show that the trainer/faculty is developing personal relationship. Trainer/faculty should maintain professional relationship and nothing else.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Thank you Dinesh and Sushi. Very valuable thoughts and I concur with both of you! As a trainer I accept the truth and the identity. Keeping the limitations in mind that we have as a trainers (professional) I think we wouldn't be able to do much in having the other participants accept the individuals identity. Well at times I feel it's easier said than done. Driving home the point that one shouldn't wear his heart on the sleeves!
From India, Hyderabad

We have no sufficient information what type of training they are imparting in this case. But still the query sounds interesting, rather an important one that any HR person should have some idea, knowledge, guidelines as how to handle such situations. Keeping the training aspects apart, coming to general preparations of HR, is it not necessary to identify specifically who are those among the trainees we are talking about ? I have to confess as administrators, we have no clue what to do and what not to do. Talking about general preparations, Right from day one as they are reporting to you. Should we or are we right in recognising them as trans gender to start with ? and go on with extra care, additional preparations and so on. Even you may have to allot a exclusive Wash room for them ? If so why and if not why ? Of course there are certain guidelines provided in the recent enactment vesting equal rights and privileges to them. But these are not good enough to handle other sensitive issues, if I am right. There are other possibilities as more of them will be getting employed in the days to come and it is necessary to engage ourselves in addressing problems such as this on the query.
From India, Bangalore

While there are differing opinions as to whether LGBT are normal or not, certainly it is not a crime to be one, as long as it does not lead them to indulge in any sexual activity with criminal intent. Such people may have psychological problems leading to their sexual orientation, or they may have other psychological disturbances due to their orientation. Either way, they may require psychological therapy to settle their mind in a positive way.
From India, Kolkata
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Dr Bijoy,

It appears that you have not read the thread properly. Who has questioned whether LGBT community is normal or not? Corporate training has nothing to do with existence of LGBT community. Discussion at hand is about how one of the trainees "confided" with the trainer that he/she is part of LGBT community.

Companies spend their precious funds for employee development. In order to maximise ROI on this spend, trainer or faculty must restrict the discussion within the purview of the objectives of the training and nothing else. While trainer or faculty may add an element of humour or fun, nevertheless developing undue familiarity with the trainees is not appreciated. They must maintain discreet distance with the participants. Neither they should pry on trainees' sexual orientation.

What was the training subject that needed divulgence of one's sexual orientation in the corporate training? This is not disclosed by the poster of this post.

Requirement of psychological therapy to LGBT community for their settlement has nothing to do with the corporate training. Both are unconnected issues.

If productivity hampers because one is part of LGBT community then bigger companies could recommend their counselling. However, this is part of employee welfare and not employee training per se.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Just to add a couple of points. As a trainer, one is responsible for ALL the trainees in a group. Inter-personal relationships between trainer and individual trainee is as important as inter-personal relationships between the different trainees. One needs to consider the concerns of the other so called normal people also, so that they do not feel ill-at-ease or 'scared' in any way. As a trainer, one should be aware of the problems which can arise during the course of training programmes. Your concern for such persons is really appreciable.
From India, Kolkata

The replies given by Sushi and Dinesh are spot on.
There is only a different participant - we trainers would be bored with the same type of participant. How that differs shouldn't be a problem, unless it disrupts the workshop. Then such a participant should be treated the same as any participants who disturbs.
To answer your question viz. how do I get everyone to participate when such people are in the batch - treat them the same as others.

From India, Mumbai
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