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our company has implemented one rule and that is that no one is allowed to wear jeans even not on saturday. And if anyone who is not following this rule or regularly doing the same thing..what aspects or action should we take as being a H.R of the company..???

From India, Delhi
What is the laid down dress code?
Has the no Jeans restriction been publicised to all employees in written form-circular,notice board etc.
Employee can be warned for the first time for breach of dressing code.
Use tact and show how the violation of code affects working atmosphere etc.
It is a breech of discipline if employee intentionally violates a rule of the company and action including dismissal can be taken in extreme cases..

From India, Pune
Dear Anna,
You could have given little more information in your post. What is your designation? Are you from HR? Who issued this diktat? Why the need was felt to issue it? Jeans is accepted outfit across India then whose proprieties are violated if the employees wear jeans on Saturdays?
Is this rule for the office staff or for the workers on the shop floor who cannot wear tight-fitting garments because of the nature of their work?
Your office is located in what city? Are you from Metro or from some state capital or your office is located in the interior part of some state? Are there any objections from the natives who stay near to your office area?
There are so many questions associated with your post. Please elucidate further to get the proper reply.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
"Jeans is accepted outfit across India then whose proprieties are violated if the employees wear jeans on Saturdays?"
Dear Mr Dinesh,
If the owners of the company decide upon a proper dress code which they feel is in line with company image,can employees defy the directive?
A company may want to project a serious and sober image and therefore ban jeans,T-shirts,chappals in the office.
I feel this is reasonable restriction and employees should abide or leave if they feel that dress code is being imposed.

From India, Pune
Dear Mr Nathrao,

What you say is correct, albeit, theoretically. Owners of the company have complete authority to make the rules of their choice. Employees have no choice but to abide with the rules or just quit. Nevertheless, this school of thought was compatible with pre-liberation era. Post 1991, lot of social changes have come up and today the world is far more informal. Therefore, what remains to be seen is that to what extent authoritarian ruling of this kind will help the owners in building consonance with the generation of 21st century. Onset of social media has evolved the society in almost every country. Evolution of the society because of social media is so comprehensive that a country like Great Britain known for its stiff-lipped citizens has also become far more informal.

Getting the right candidate is a big challenge today. Add up to this is challenge of retaining employees. Wide availability of the opportunities or avenues have made job candidates choosy. As early as 2004, when I wanted to recruit Accounts Asst, I had approached a job candidate. The chap tersely replied that he would look at the website of the company and then decide whether he would like to join on not. Few candidates spurned back-end jobs of the hotel because of the uniform that they were expected to wear. Lot of water has flown under the bridge of job market since then.

Therefore, by creating rules that are inconsistent with today's culture, will we be staving off worthy candidates is a question on which owners need to moot on. Few IT/BPO companies have gone still further and have allowed informal outfits on all days. Against this backdrop, withdrawing the facility of casual wear on sixth day is almost anachronistic.

We do not know in what context the post has been given and that is why I have asked few questions to the poster of this post. Unless poster comes up with their replies, we cannot make any judgements. Conformance to the conventions sounds good but if it hinders the growth of the company, then whether to continue with it or not is a call that owners have to take.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Shri Divekar,
I agree to what you say-dress code should not be too restrictive or rigid.
Freedom of dressing as long as it is decent should not be subject of real interference.
But again it is a thought process and some may still be in conservative mode.
Armed forces have a range of dressing practises which also is slowly getting liberalised.
Dress for the dining room,formal parties are all prescribed and breech of tradition is dimly viewed.
But then our armed forces are an example of discipline and professionalism.

From India, Pune
Dear Anna Sinha,
Well your company may not want see their employee wearing jeans, better, implement dress code, and pay for the same, either provide a good dress material to the employees or provide uniform allowance to the employees according to their ranks... never intrude/implement/dictate a dress code on the employee in the name of paying for their services(say pay and allowances)..rest follows.. also, never impose punishments that is the worst of every thing ...
Society is not your organisation..society is a world of sea where many a fish swim in liberty, ofcourse, eat one another ....

From India, Arcot
Dress codes are common to very large number of offices. (professionals, hospitals, even in industry).
But it is essential that higher ranks (owners included) follow the dress codes strictly and set an example.

From India, Pune
Its Great to read all the comments and i do also support liberty and flexibility in working environment.
But being a part of such organisation i have to follow the code of conduct of my organisation.
and MY QUESTION WAS that we had implemented the rule that JEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED EVEN NOT ON SATURDAYS..so if anyone who is not following these rule and continuously repeating the same mistake....what kind of punishment will b valid to apply on them so that this failure should not occur again and name of HR should also not degrade.

From India, Delhi
A mild counselling first-tell your employee that casual dress can give wrong impression to customers who also think will they be casual with my money,filled in forms etc.
Second violation can be a warning and beyond that more severe punishment.

From India, Pune

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