Dear All,
Good news for ladies,
The Indian government finally give an extra burden to the management/employer by putting 24 weeks maternity leaves from 12 weeks now,so be ready to think more about the ladies/women benefits,enclosed latest amendment in the maternity act.

From India, Delhi

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The attached document does not say that this is passed. They seems to be asking for comments from the industry. Are you sure this is passed?
From United States, Lincolnshire
It is not passed. Since it involves cost from the consolidated fund of India (All revenues raised by the government, money borrowed and receipts from loans given by the government flow into the consolidated fund of India) hence it needs approval of President of India first. Without his ascent it will not be passed.
Further, it will be effective when the same will be published in the official gazzette.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Friends,
The attached bill is a bill introduced by one of the Members of Parliament. This bill is not introduced by Government.
The bill introduced by any of the Members of Parliament and not by Government is called as Private Bill. Chances of such bill getting passed are almost NIL. Very rare, this kind of bills are passed in Parliament. There is no Government support to it.
The member i.e. the MP Shri. P. Karunakaran has introduced this bill second time now. Hon. President will forward this bill to both the houses for its' ascent. We must ask our elected representatives to support this bill.
My sincere thanks to MP Shri. P. Karunakaran for introducing this bill.
Once upon the time I was also unaware of what is Private Bill. One of the senior members of our Forum PCA has given me his inputs on this subject.

From India, Mumbai
You support the move to increase maternity benefit to 24 weeks ???
From India, Mumbai
This is a Bill has been submitted by one of the M.P to the Parliament for consideration and enacment. It has yet to be considered by the Parliament.
So far, the Act has not been amended by the Parliament (both housed)..

From India, Mumbai
Dear Kulkarnimahesh,
I do not see you have some different answer or view than of mine or any addition to it. I will appreciate if you post some thing different or give some additional inputs.
I feel, the subsequent posters should post only when they differ with earlier post or they want to add something to earlier post. If they don't want to appreciate the earlier poster, it will not matter.
I never write any thing once I find the earlier poster is right. In case there is a different view or any additional input is required to be given, in such case only I write.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Saswata ji,
Answer to your question is - yes, I support the move to increase maternity benefit to 24 weeks. This is because:
1. New born baby needs care and attention and proper nourishment by his / her mother. Overall growth of child is depends upon this. The time given by working women presently to the new born baby is not enough according to me. The World Health Organisation also has same view on it.
2. Central Government women employees are given six months maternity leave, as I understood. Then why there should be discrimination to other than CG women employees?
However, there should be restriction on number of deliveries. Or at least in first delivery the women employee is given six month maternity leave.
This is my view and you may have different view altogether.

From India, Mumbai
Personally I do not support the move! Otherwise there should be a change in the qualifying service which at present is 80 days in 12 months. That means a woman employee who joined some less than 3 months can get 6 months leave with salary as a right and occasionally on request so many days of leaves, sick and casual leaves since we cannot make them work 'hard' while she is carrying.

I know that many women employees do not support my views and I can expect a tsunami of comments against my view. But this is purely my personal view and if the Act is amended I will be the first to apply it by granting it to my lady staff members because I follow the law and do not like to deny it to anybody. But, frankly speaking, before I sign an appointment order of a lady, I will think twice if I am not going to get the service of that lady for a year or more on the ground of maternity. This happens everywhere. When she is pregnant, her timings at office will change and whatever privilege she is given will be taken for granted or as a right she will take it and after the scheduled maternity leave days, she will start asking for further leave and finally will take a decision not to come back. This is the situation in almost all organised sectors and in such a scenario, personally, I will not vote for the change. Very sorry to say that I have no more comments on this subject!



From India, Kannur
hello i will support the move its a good news for ladies but there should be a change in the qualifying service . as we know present is 80 days in 12 months it should be at least 11 moths or 1 year .

From India

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