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Hi ,
I am so sorry to say that your observations are wrong.
HR is not just a you think ( might be true in 80's )
This might be true in the case of certain companies but take the case of any reputed Indian/Global company. HR Objectives are part of their corporate objectives and giving inputs to the board on HR matters ( manpower optimization, HRD initiatives, OD, Compensation related issues) are part of the HR Task list. Line Managers can forward their inputs but decision maker would be HR Head is not line manager's cup of tea.
Please try to learn HR practices in some of the reputed companies in India
best of luck

Dear Hakim,

First of all I correct you that I am not a fresher in HR. I am holding Sr. position in HR and have more than 13 years of experience both in plant and corporate level in different company across India. Any way that is not the discussion point and we are also not here for arguing.

Let’s coming to your point one after another.

‘How to Prevent your Team member from Leaving Team’ it was you topic and you have only highlighted local and migrated employees’ nature of work and subsequent departmental managers comments on their overstaying. Obviously in your organization.

Hikim bhai I am reiterating that I am not taking thing personal . But I observed in my experience that local employees are very disturbing into the basic functioning of the organization. Have you ever faced unionism? The main culprits are the local people for making intra organization trouble. Anyway that is a part if you are experience in handling worker. But in case of office or handling rather blue color employees, I am reiterating, organizations’ discipline and business culture is the main aspect. If your managers are practicing some unethical things in the organization no one but the organization will suffer. If any managers unethically support staff who does not having any work but only to show-off sitting idle in office till late hours, you should (being HR professional) highlight the issue to appropriate place. This is only you who would identify the mal – practice and strive to resolve it. You task is only to support management to take the right decision. Let the top management do the rest.

Best Regards,


Hakim Saab You re Confused. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
Hi Shoeb!
Seems like you've had a bad personal experience working with non-local team members.
I empathise with you.
I have been working since 16 years - 8 in my hometown and 8 in a distant city. All my experience has been with multi-national firms with huge employee strengths, and the issue you have mentioned is very common.
I however have personally enjoyed both my tenures and had consistent career growth - both in my hometown, as well as in a foreign city.
So I don't agree with your solution. One should not distinguish between localites and others when it comes to managing people. What matters is good management - you need to give proper thought and come up with smart solutions so that all people are treated fairly.
The culprits (as you have mentioned in your first mail) are poor managers who do not know how to manage all team members fairly. And also how to monitor what their staff are doing during office hours!

A team is built on the trust a manager instills in his/her team members. And by allowing a team member to fail in a safe enviroment--FAIL Oh God the F word. Let me explain this further, for example a fresher joined my team. We need to communicate with foreign clients on a daily basis (the mails contain a lot of info and some of it is fairly complicated). At first we sat together at her work stations and drafted the mails. 2 weeks later she was drafting the mails herself and mailing it to me for a look over and corrections. When a mail would come I'd ask her questions ...have you considered this? what impact would this have on the deliverable? What are the implications of your deadline on the stakeholders? Have you OKed this with them before committing them to this deadline? After corrections she'd mail it to the client.

In other words she was allowed to make mistakes without impacting the client or fear of ridicule. FAIL in a safe environment. Now she can work independently although she does make occasional mistakes it isn't the end of the world.

Managers need to create a safe environment where a person is allowed to learn and grow, where managers don't take credit for the successs but share blame for the failures. By instilling confidence to take decisions and not micro managing the team--of course initially the manager would need to closely monitor the team members and gradually back away as the team member gets better at the job. Most managers (and i'm included in this list) have trouble maintaining a balance between delegation and a telling approach.

While this approach can create a cohesive team there are a whole lot of other factors that cause teams to break up that aren't in the manager's control. Examples i've dealt with:

1. Spouse relocating to another city/ marriage

2. Designation and pay hike from rival organizations

3. Desire to relocate to home city

I am rajesh.The problem which above posted was correct but i my organisation i even tried to speak up with my lead or manager regarding the local members showing off like working late night,but alas it turned out as gossiphs she doesn't even took any action against the people who and all shows off like working late night,instead she asked us to shift team.I feel better for the people instead of complaning they can go ahead and look for some other organisation.

Dude.... what i feel is that u should always have a mixed bag think this way non-localities will require leaves on festivals approx a day more coz they will have to travel back home in that kind of a scenario u will not have one team this will inturn hamper the overall performance. now coming to time extenders see if they cannot complete their daily task in time then what's the use time saved in interest on money saved and that is profit my friend that is real business.
I agree withsoheb to an extent, I had a vry similar experience in which there was this one girl who had no life no family here in bombay so she used to sit late, come early, as a result she performed well had access to more information, and happenings, she developed some sort of know all attitude, she used to also help the project manager, because her proximity to the office and her lack of family life. Her performance improved but this caused a lot of harm and impacted the other members of the team. Such people should be discipliced cause they cause harm rather than benifit the whole team. we lost a few good people because of her. But not all are like that there are a few who motivate and help others who exhibit team spirit and leadership qualities and take the team ahead, with their efforts, I guess it is very subjective matter, and there should be some sort of work life balance that HR should incorporate in their policy.
Absolutely you are right. But there are some more reasons why employees leave the companies.
1. Insufficient opportunities for individual growth.
2. Nontransparent strategies of comapny.
3. Bad company atmosphere.
4. If the employee is not treated as a human being.
5. Incompetent remuneration.
6. Lack of encouragement and support.
7. The growth of company.
8. Returning of the employees back to their native places.
9. Umpteen number of other opportunities in the same industry.
These are the few reasons, I have come across with regards to attrition.
Afsal Abdulkhani
HR Manager.

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