Working as an HR-Executive in a manufacturing company. am working in this company since 1 year. no policies are followed in this company. i came to know this after joining the company but it was my first job that too in hr. so i have compromised myself. Company deducts PF and TDS from CTC but do not pay in actual. we show this deductions in payslip and there is no proof for that like pf number, form 16 etc. i was asked to hire people from same industry top companies. i was successful in that. i tried a lot to generate profits first and later convince by boss to follow all policies. but due to past mistakes done by the company,new joinees getting negative feedback from the market and thus some of them quit. and for remaining also my employer is not ready to pay travelling expenses and salaries for sales people till they show results. our products are new but the prices are almost equal to top brands.

For this reason sales people are not able to show results in the first month itself. but my boss will not give time more than a month. he will ask me to terminate the employees. even if i try to convince he will not listen to me. Sales employees who have not even received their joining expenses (they come from other states) are not ready to believe the company and continue to the work after 1 month. in this situation i dont see any growth for me in this company. all these 1 year i tried my level best to set up the things but nothing is successful as ultimate decision has to be taken by my boss. now i decided to quit the company. i did not receive last 2 months salary. i have resigned two months back and mentioned 3 months notice period for which my boss did not accept my resignation.

If 3 more days passes, i need to get 3 months salary from the company. in this time, if i quit, will i able to get my last 3 months salary if i approach labour office. what is the way for me to get my pf and pli (Performance linked incentive) which is 10% of my ctc. also i dont know how to approach new job with this experience as i didnt get salary from last 2 months due to financial crisis of the company. so i cannot show my bank statement for salary proof. i request all seniors to suggest me what to be done further???? waiting for your valuable replies

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Priya,

Let me first appreciate you for standing strong against all odds this one year inspite of everything going against you.

I am starting this discussion from the point that you have decided to leave the present company. Please dont leave your present job unless you find another job. Dont be concerned about your present company not paying you, but instead just speak the truth whenever you face any interview. If not one company, you will another company. There is no dearth of oppurtunities for a hard working person like you.There is a demand for HR's from manufacturing field.

As you were mentioning that PF & TDS were deducted and not paid in actual. Practically thinking, you can understand that you will not be given Form 16 as well. The deductions from your salary also i think has gone for a toss. The intentions of your boss are clear.

I would suggest you to think of any action against your present employer only after you finding a new job. Staying in the present company and fighting against company and that too with this kind of your boss's mindset, things would be very difficult for you.

Some company managements feel that introduction of HR policies would cost them more and eat up their profits. In this case you have given your best to convince the management but in vain.

So think practically and make getting a new job as your top most priority.

Wishing you all the very best.


Alex Praveen

From India, Secunderabad
Hi Priya,
Incase you decide to continue in the present employment, let me know the details of your company, we can workout a business model for your company to bring it out of the current financial crisis.
Alex Praveen

From India, Secunderabad
Hi, I am availble on 9603545450. Incase i dont respond, please leave a message, i will call back. Regards, Alex
From India, Secunderabad
Dear Priya
I don't think you can change things, step out and look for something new. In interviews don't bad mouth the organisation, just say the company is going through hard financial times and you have not been paid and it is difficult to sustain yourself without a salary so you are wanting to change.
As far as your boss goes, his intentions were, are and never will be moralistic, so stop trying to change him. As far your experience goes, just take it as a bad dream and move on. Ideally it is best to stick to the job while actively looking for another one. Hope this helps
Wish you the best

From India, Delhi

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