Hi All!
I am in the process of approaching local schools for conducting Personality Development Sessions for students as well as Staff members. I would like to have your inputs as to how to approach the schools and the duration of the modules offered!

From India

Someone once asked me over the phone whether I could guide him how to get to London. Without knowing where (s)he was and what mode of transport was available and when (s)he wanted to get there, I could not give a precise advice. Your question reminded of that incident.
From United Kingdom
Hi Nashbramhall!
Thanks for your response! To give you a general idea, I am staying in Mumbai and want to approach the local schools around my area for training their students as well as staff members in Personality Development. The age group for students will be 6-10y, 11-14y and 15-18y. Similarly some modules are there for training the school staff as well.
I want an attractive proposal for schools on the basis of which I can get a meeting with the concerned person. As I have not made such kind of a proposal before that is why I require the help of this learned community.
I have a work experience of around 6 yrs but has been a stay at home mom for 10+ yrs now so slightly shaky on the feet. Would really appreciate the valuable inputs of the members regrading this.

From India

Hello..........These are some most importent topice for personality Development as below....Even school staff or students....
1. Understanding About Etiquette
What is Etiquette
First Impressions
Why have Etiquette
2. Making the First Good Impression
Etiquette and Behaviour
3. Social etiquette
Going Through Doors
Dining with grace

From India, New Delhi
Thanx a lot. But actually I am looking for a sample proposal on the lines of which I can make my own. Regards
From India

Prepare a document with the following information
Primary Objective
Audience Background
Scope / Contents with duration of the sessions
Value Propostion
Brief profile of the faculty

From Singapore, Singapore

Dear Shalt,
Thank you for the additional information. A showed that message to a retired high school teacher. She was flabbergasted. She said "How could someone conduct personal development sessions for 6 to 10 years old?" I was a university lecturer and I am sure that I would be incapable of teaching high school and primary school children. My sincere suggestion is for you to concentrate on a narrower field than to try to cover from 6 year old to adults.
May we please know more details of what you did in the 6 year employment period and what have you learnt in the 10 year period of being a mom about kids and their development needs.
Unless someone gives me a resume of how they consider suitable to cover such a wide range as you would like to, I would not very hesitant even to call the person for face-to-face chat.

From United Kingdom
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