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Dear Friends,
English is not a superior language but it is a business language,
A person with extraordinary domain knowledge and poor language skill has to work hard and it hardly works on his career growth
Same person with moderate domain expertise with good language skill can lead a team with progress.
In India itself it is equal to 18 official regional language
English can be learnt with in couple of months to read write, speak and listen by proper training and guidance it is not a "Manthra" but "manthra for success.
All the very best to acquire the skill
Training consultant
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From India, Chennai
hi Rupali,
I am also from rural background, and i am doing MSW IN HRM we also have labour laws in our study, same thing was happened with me, i was tensed all the time because my poor english, but believe me if you try to over come from this problem one day you will be master in english fluency. don't afraid about english lets face it.

From India, Pune
Hello Rupali,
Relax, looking to ur present situation, I wud suggest you to practice mock interviews at home considering the questions that are most common in an interview in general.
This'll give a feeling to the employer that even though u r not perfect, u've working knowledge of English & can handle professional situations fairly.
The mock practice'll help boost ur confidence.
In an interview u'll have to handle the impromptu questions skillfully & answer them confidently in Hindi.
Once u gets a HR job, u can hone ur english speaking skills.
Best Luck

From India, Mumbai
Hi Rupali,

I wish I had perfect content for you. For now, I would seriously suggest reading conversations in English. One site that really helped me improve my English is... | The Online Writing Community

On this site, please visit the following link to see some live conversations in progress...

Live Feed | | The Online Writing Community

This is basically a free site where members share their poetry and prose. Most conversations are about a poem or a piece of prose that someone has posted. This site is a very good way to study "spoken English" even though it's actually written (as in typed and posted). While conversing, most people on this site write as they speak. You'll also get good exposure to global English as this site has members from all over the world.

Read and read and read till you feel confident. Then you can review poems and stories and maybe even write some of your own.

It's a fun way to learn without any pressure. :)


~ invisible indian

From India, Meerut
Fact is, good English speaking skills are a must for a professional career.
Sure, hardwork, talent, teamwork, ability to learn etc have tremendous value - but their value is realized only when you speak good English.
In today's connected world, English is the defacto language of all business activity and you just fall out of the flow if you do not speak English.
Obviously, there are solutions and there are people who who overcome this weakness by their determination and hardwork. You will have to figure out a method that would work for you but there is no running away from it.

From India, Delhi
And yes, it is a practical skill which you will acquire through practice - reading English or listening to English will not help you speak English. You will have to practice speaking to actually speak English,
From India, Delhi
Dear friends
remember that Hindi medium professional are not weak than English language professional . Remove the feeling English is a tough to speak . To remove the fear of English , you should contact with psychologist as well as coaching provide training . Remember grammar in English is secondary than knowledge of subjects as well as dare to speak gradually with pause .

From India, Lucknow
I disagree. Are you kidding me? One should contact a psychologist to remove the fear of English? Grammar is secondary, as long as you speak slowly with pauses? That is a substitute for knowing a language? Ignore your handicaps? Ridiculous!!

This is precisely the lack of exposure that I'm talking about. The level of "advice" on this site is... shocking... to put it mildly. This site seeks to transform, but the experts are trasactional. You have no idea what transformation means.

Rupali -- I completely disagree, as a global professional. Learn English. Express yourself. Travel to other countries and explore their culture. It's not that hard. You do not need a lot of money. Bright, talented people like yourself can overcome these barriers, like many of us who tried and succeeded. My father wore his first pair of shoes at the age of 16, because my family was dirt-poor... they went for days without food. Yet he managed to go work in Germany. I was never given pocket-money as a kid in Bombay... for there was no money my parents could give me. But I managed to graduate from American universities, and lead global companies in 4 continents.

English is not a limitation. Overcome it, defeat it. As Richard Bach said, "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough... they're yours."


From India, Bangalore
Hi Rupali and anyone else who is interesting in acquiring proficiency in the English language,

We've worked on ten modules for enhancing communication skills.

If you've always wanted to learn from the best and if you want to learn to speak and write like the best, then we're confident that you'll find these ten modules extremely useful.

Each module has a video. The video features a poem by Mr. Ed Hart who is an American national. Before you read the text of the poem below each video, it would be a good idea to simply listen to the poem and see if you can decipher both Mr. Hart's accent as well as comprehend his poem.

Many of us need to interact with American nationals as part of our professional lives. We need to have the ability to decipher some accents that are common in the United States of America. The videos we've uploaded feature a sort of mix of a California and Minnesota accent. Once you've heard the accent a bit, you can read the text of the poem and self-assess if you got the words of the poem right. Then, you can read the notes for learners below the text of the poem and see if you got the meaning of the poem right. In case you're a trainer and reading this post and want to use these modules as part of a training session on communication skills, please read the note for instructors which is below the notes for learners.

So, basically, what you'll see is...

A video

Text of the poem

Notes for learners

Notes for instructors

Here are the links to each of the ten modules...

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

The last module contains a poem about Christianity. In case you have any problems reading a religious poem, feel free to skip it. No issues. The poem has been featured only for the purpose of enhancing communication skills.


~ an invisible indian

From India, Meerut
sir, i can join you on skype for english speaking as i am also not in speaking.
I can write the mails & letter very effectively, but sometimes i didn't crack interviews due to lack of speaking of english.

From India, Delhi

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