My friend has got job in a PVT. LTD. company with good hike . He is now in a Multi National Company. Is it good to change from established company to newly opened pvt. ltd. company.?
From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend, According to me salary is not only thing which has to be considered while changing job. few of other aspects and important are security of job, working environment, growth, Just imagine if we get say 5K hike we will join a pvt company leaving a MNC. after this say if management feel that you are a costly affair then what will happen to you and your family dependents?? therefore you will have to analyze all other aspects also drawing plus and minus table and after this also discuss all the points with your family or wife or your immediate dependent, then take an opinion from them and then take a decission. I do not suggest to change from MNC to PVT just for salary hike. Regards and all the best. JSR
From India, Hyderabad
I agree with the above comment.
It is a very risky venture to opt for a newly opened Pvt. Ltd. Co.; for even its owners may not know how it will perform in future.
A career in a reputed MNC itself carries certain weight. If salary hike is the only criterion, then one may get better opportunities in other MNCs or reputed Indian companies.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
one should not change seeing the title and hike.must know about the company in all respects before you join
From India, Hyderabad
According to my opinion you should not move to a pvt. Ltd. firm just by looking at salary. I am agree with Shreeram 70.Everybody should consider all aspects mentioned above before taking any decision.
From India, Pune
I agree with above comments. Their is huge difference between Multinational & Pvt Ltd co. culture.
In Multinational co. everything is framed & written but Pvt Ltd. co. are person oriented.
Govind Pawar

From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
I agree with all above statements ...
But I would like to add few more diffrent points. Also the priorities are diffrent from person to person.
Your Friend is working in MNC but currently what power he has? If he is shifting to Newly Opened Pvt Co., then he may enjoy lots of powers. He can learn lots of new things, which he is not able to learn by serving MNC too ... Because, what I observed in MNC is, mostly your work area is very limited ...
Plus, I accept the Newly Opened Pvt Co may think "you are a costly affair" but if your friend perform better, then management may think about Salary & post hike also. Because, though every company think about "Budget of Department" but on the other side they are not ready to loose good performers also.
Also, suggest your friend to check Professionalism of the newly Opened Comany, this is the very important thing.
Convey my Good Wishes to your Friend..

From India, Pune
There is growing cult about MNCs in India. Many have been shown the door from the MNCs. I don't think any job security with MNCs. Analyse the new company's growth prospects, their business line, market acceptability, any other factors. If you see encouraging signs, nothing wrong to opt the new challenges. Suppose you perform in the challenging atmosphere, your growth will be phenomenal. There is no question of difference betn MNC and a Pvt Co but where you are going to stand in the long term. In this competitive era, no company provide you job comfort and security. It is "perform or Perish".
Pon, Chennai

From India, Lucknow
I run a small private limited IT company. The employees I got are coming from WHO, TCS and other such companies and are happy with our environment. They are our assets and we can not afford to lose their services and commitments. All are satisfied and enjoy their working environment.
So you need to see the company prospective, atmosphere, growth opportunities and exposures scope along with the salary hike and only then decide. In MNCs you do not get good exposure as you are put in just one field and may be your some lesser performance may not be detected but it is not in the case of private limited companies. So just not go by conventions but go by all aspects.

From India, New Delhi
Greetings Anonymous,

As Mr.Pon has rightly pointed out many MNC's have hired professionals offering them lucrative salaries. Without knowing the intentions, unwary candidates have fallen into the trap. I am aware of a reputed MNC that merely paid up the notice pay due to employees and closed operations overnight without any advance intimation.

Hence, in my opinion whether it is MNC or private company, do some research about the company and its prospects before joining it. Private companies are a little conservative as most of them are owner managed, so the company takes cautious steps while embarking on expansion plans.

Weigh the offer, look for longevity of the company, company's brand image, market potential for the products, future prospects in the company, turnover of the company for the past few years and the work culture.

It will be a great risk to join a start up private company. However, if you are quite young and willing to take the risk, you can certainly test the waters. On the other hand, if you have financial commitments to be honoured and in your opinion you cannot afford to take the risk, then ignore it and continue with your present employment.

Private enterprises do offer you the variety you will be looking for, challenges, freedom (to limited extent, as most of them are owner managed) and if you have the leadership quality, you can certainly experiment at the early stages of your career.


From India, Madras

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