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Dear All, Please advise me what are the rights of employee? if company transfer him from one branch to another branch immediately after his joining. Regards, Bharat
From India, Ahmedabad
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Read your appointment letter conditions before posting your query here. Pon
From India, Lucknow

Dear Sir,
In appointment letter the condition is "Although you will based at ahmedabad, please note that your services are transferable anywhere in india/abroad.
But question is, is it any rights of employees for demanding any perks or benefits, if company tranfer him within a week of his joining date?

From India, Ahmedabad

Dear Bharat, Your appointment clearly states that you can be transferred anywhere in India so you cannot complain. Regards
From Pakistan, Karachi

As a HR, I want to help my employees, because due to transfer their cost of living will increase and about transfer, was not discussed during invterview. So, is it not unfair transfer policy? that management give order to transfer the employee within a week of his/their joining.

From India, Ahmedabad

Hello Bharat,
You should have mentioned CLEARLY in your First Posting itself that you are the HR person & NOT the effected party/employee--since that's the impression one gets from your First posting.
Coming to your query, technically 'IT'S NOT WRONG', going by what's mentioned in the Offer/Appointment Letter. But ethically OR based on Fair HR principles, it surely ISN'T a desirable managerial step to transfer the employee so soon after joining without giving any indication during the Hiring process.
However, to give any further suggestion you would need to give more inputs:
1] How many cases like this have occurred? Is it a one-off case OR being repeated?
2] Has this been a recent phenomenon OR has it been going-on since a long-time?
3] Have you noticed/seen any counter-responses/actions by the effected employees, like resigning, performance issues, etc?
4] Have you discussed this issue with any of the effected employees so far--what's the feedback?
More the inputs you give, the more focused & accurate suggestions would the members be able to give.

From India, Hyderabad

The employee has agreed to the term on transfer in his appointment letter.Though the management shall as far as possible avoid unsettling an employee by transferring him within one week of his joining,but it has every right to organize it's business and thus transfer an employee as per it's business and administrative needs. Normally the management reimburses travel fare and and halting allowance during the period of transit.. I do not know whether there is such provision in the company's policy.As regards, granting him higher salary due to increase in cost of living,at new place of posting, it all depends up on company's policy and in the absence of it, depends on it's discretion.As HR you can take initiative in framing a meaningful policy.

From India, Mumbai

your service conditions remain same unless on promotion.only thing is they may pay you transfer benefits like TA,DA and relocation expenses as per their policy and nothing
From India, Hyderabad

An employee might have joined your organization considering location is convenient to him. He might have sacrificed few good benefits too, that he was getting from his earlier employer.

It may be Management tacties to hack good person of competitor, by offering him location which is convenient to him, initially, and once he joins, now they want to transfer him to actual place where his services are required.

Since the clause in Appointment letter allows his transfer, to any other location, as per wish of Management, neither he can protest legally, nor you HR can do anything. But this is absolutely against the principles of natural justice, and demoralizing the new employee. Instead of he settling down happily in his new job, and also his interest in giving best output to new bosses, now he will start cursing the company, will start thinking as if cheated, and ofcourse his priority will be to look after another opening.

Since you are kind hearted, try to do avoid such transfers, by convincing your Seniors.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Mr. Bharat,

I have gone through your query and views of many learned followers. From your query and clarifications thereafter, it is assumed that your concern/estb. is a big one which has its branches in many parts of the Country. Hence the person(s) who are being appointed are being taken against vacancies in various units of the main Establishment, hence they are required to be posted as per requirement of the Company and not as per the convenience of the individual concerned.

So, First of all please get it straight that as mentioned in the Appointment Offer letter, the employee can be transferred to any where in India in a Unit which is under the ownership of same owner. The employee shall be entitled to TA/DA as per rules in your Company.

Secondly, being a HR Manager, it is your foremost responsibility to calm down and satisfy the doubts of your employees but on the contrary you are raising question. Besides the interest of employees, you are to look the interest of your Company within the frames of rules and regulations. You are to act as a bridge between the top management and the workers/employees.

The role of a HR Manager is very crucial. Please perform it very carefully, otherwise you will end with a "loose-loose" situation. Neither the top management not the employees will appreciate your concerned approach.

AK Jain

HR Personnel


From India, Jabalpur
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